Monday, June 26, 2017


Happy Monday, m' dears! We got back from Austin a week ago and I wasn't ready to jump back into our routine. I guess I wanted to bask in the joy and relaxation that came with our long weekend away a little while longer. Can you blame me?! I think I had a gin-spiked drink at every meal. #GOALS. There's just something really special about that city and it's probably what I'll miss most about Texas when it comes time to move. The energy is just as chill as it is colorful and quirky. For every person you see riding a bike or running, there's also a person brunching or sipping cocktails outdoors. Perhaps this is just what life outside Swell Rio in a bigger city is like (we don't get out much!), but the ATX certainly feels different from other places I've visited and I love it for this very reason. It's what keeps us coming back for MORE! As a lifelong product of the military, it's sometimes fun to think about places where you might like to end up, and while I'm not sure Flyboy is 100% on board with me on this one, I could DEFINITELY call Austin home one day. Sure the heat is atrocious (like REALLY bad), but that's why they created patio misters. Ha! The city has a small town feel, but it's chock-full of charm, low-key activities, adorable amenities, and some of the tastiest treats I'll probably ever eat.

Here are a few highlights worth bookmarking in the event you ever make your way to Austin...

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