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THINKING ABOUT: You guys, it pains me to inform you that this could (cough, SHOULD, cough) be the last summer you have to listen to me gloat about my knack for predicting the arrival of Peonies at our local HEB. Please refrain from crying. Yes, if we were to glance at the past three years, we'd see a disgruntled Ashley Fine living for the first Wednesday in June. You see, throughout our Swell Rio stint, they told me they never got my favorite bloom (but my records indicated otherwise), so I showed up anyway, had a Pretty Woman moment (big mistake, HUGE), and loaded my basket with the goofiest grin my cheeks could muster. You can categorize this behavior as passionate or stalker-ish, but I'll chalk it up as another colorful victory. Please, let me have my moment.

FEELING: Can anyone tell me what's going on at J.Crew?! First we lose Jenna, and NOW Mickey is stepping down from his role as CEO?! I know this sounds silly and slightly dramatic, but I can't help but feel a little sad and concerned for the future of my beloved retailer.

THANKFUL FOR: I'm not sure if Max is still under the weather (he got a cold last week) or if we've turned a corner (knock on wood), but the past few days have been utterly delightful. I mean, we've had our share of toddleriffic moments, but we seem to be jiving more than we have in past months and it's made a BIG difference. Even if this "phase" only lasts a few days, it makes my heart so happy. After a series of nonstop struggles and defeat, I feel relief and I'm hopeful. You guys, it's just really nice to enjoy my kid.

WATCHING: We're halfway through House of Cards: Season 5 and I'm dying to know what happens next; however, Flyboy and I have stayed up late TWO nights in a row (we're talking 10:30 PM) binge-watching the series and when our alarm goes off at 4:30 AM we have major regrets. Sigh. With just seven episodes left, here's hoping we can be heroes and finish strong this weekend. Let's do this! 

EATING: Since my parents are doing Whole30 this month, I began looking for new recipes I could prepare and suggest they try as well. When I did it on my own in May, it was easy to make a lot of the same meals, but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't getting a bit burnt out by the monotony. This week Flyboy and I turned to 40 Aprons and we made Cheryl's Egg Roll in a Bowl along with her Chipotle Copycat Carnitas Bowl. I highly recommend both recipes, whether W30 is your thing or not. Each meal was incredible!

LISTENING TO: A few days ago, Max was eating lunch and insisted his plush Minion doll dine with him. Once the meal was over, I began cleaning my tot's tray when he started flailing his arms back and forth. I'm going to say this was because he was excited for his nap 
(yeah, right...) and not because he's just plain ornery, but I asked him to stop. I knew he was seconds away from knocking his cup over and spilling his milk, and unfortunately I was right. Shocker!! I've been focusing a lot on the way in which I react to Max (I don't want to set him off), so I calmly reprimanded him. Just as I turned away to grab a roll of paper towels and a bottle of cleaner, I overheard Max talking to Minion. "Minion, you need to listen to mom. That was not nice. No throw. Okay?" Ha Ha! I tried desperately to hide my smirk and mask my laughter, but suddenly it all made SO much sense. It was Minion's fault all along. Ah-ha!

READING: Would you believe I got the latest issue of Domino Magazine in the mail a few weeks ago (prettiest one to date) and I've yet to read it cover to cover?! Gulp. I kind of regret admitting that to you all. Is it too late to beg for forgiveness?!

LOVING: I can't say I've ever purchased any clothing from Tuckernuck, but this Striped Sleeveless Skipper Dress is beckoning. Could that ruffled neckline BE any cuter?! The style is simple, but polished and playful at the same time. I'm thinking it's a YES!

Enough about me. How are you feeling today? What are you up to? Thanks for stopping by!! 

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