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THINKING ABOUT: Over Memorial Day Weekend, I snagged a set of these "washable" Sidewalk Chalk Paint Markers at HEB and figured it would be a fun and easy activity for Max. WRONG! I have experience with a lot of messy things and take great pride in my ability to embrace planned messiness (Type-A/ Control Freak FOREVER!), but this was by far my worst decision to date. You guys, I still have a pair of Max's shorts and his shirt sitting in a tub of my go-to cleaning solution (Oxiclean and Lysol Cleaner) and the neon paint spots just don't want to budge. This miracle mix gets EVERYTHING out, but it laughs at Rose Art's fake washable claim. It's been WEEKS of soaking, but the Monica in me refuses to accept defeat. Fellow parents, take my word, DO NOT buy these wretched things.

FEELING: I know I've talked a lot about how excited we are to get out of Dodge this weekend, but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a little hesitant to leave Beesly behind at the kennel. The last time she was there she had Tripp by her side. As many of you remember, the day after we picked them up from their stay at Christmas, we were faced with the decision to put Tripp to sleep in addition to learning that Beesly threw out her other ACL. I realize neither of the situations have to do with the kennel at all, but it definitely brings back a lot of emotions. I'm sure a lot of you pet owners can understand. Thankfully, a new facility opened in town and the owner seems very kind. I feel really good about it, and I think switching things up will benefit all of us. 

THANKFUL FOR: Nothing makes you appreciate the tactics (AKA threats) your parents may have used on you like having a kid of your own. Max is really beginning to understand consequences that may result from making bad choices and we've been having a little bit of fun with it. I've been known to get out my phone and make pretend calls to the base daycare center and park outside the facility as if I'm going to drop him off. Taking him there isn't an option at this point, so why not USE it if I can't really use it?! Flyboy finally had the pleasure of joining me in my creative efforts a few nights ago at dinner when Max was playing around and didn't want to eat his food. Little boys like Max have mad respect for the men in blue, so when FB told Max that he was going to have to call the police if he didn't eat his dinner, our little tot's eyes got ginormous, he locked it up, and shoved hotdogs and strawberries down his gullet as fast as he could. You guys, I tried my best to avoid eye contact with FB because I knew I would lose it. Max's reaction was priceless! Sure it's only a matter of time before the 2.5 year old starts to call our bluff, but we'll use the strategy while it's still effective.

LISTENING TO: Last Friday Max and I met friends at Chick-fil-A for lunch and I was introduced to a whole new Bravo bubble I wasn't aware existed. Gasp! Do any of you listen to Watch What Crappens? I seriously had no idea a weekly podcast that revels in all things Bravo existed. Also, why didn't I think of that?! It's GENIUS! The comedic duo behind the podcast dives DEEP into my favorite shows harping on the tiniest details, imitating housewives, and going off on ridiculous tangents that will make you giggle, snort, or both.

WATCHING: Do you ever find yourself scrolling through Instagram when you come across a mom working out with her kid—who's peacefully playing alongside her—in the same room?! I typically exercise early in the morning so I can avoid Max altogether, but I've decided to incorporate this TIU workout video into my routine to focus on toning up a bit. Well, yesterday morning I ran out of time and didn't get to that part of my exercise, so I decided to have Max join in on the fun. I mean, the kids LOVES himself some push-ups and jumping jacks, so this seemed like the perfect solution to my problem. Yeah, NO! Five minutes into the DVD and my tyke is throwing a tantrum because I won't let him wield my set of weights and our resident Berner is sprawled out on my yoga mat making triangle lunges next to impossible. Sigh. After this failed attempt at fitness, I think I'll stick with the original early-rising game plan.

EATING: Here's the deal, I've got a laundry (or Launderette—Hehe!) list of restaurants I want to eat at when we're in Austin, but I can't decide whether to return to a few of our favorites (so worth repeating, I promise!) or try something new? Sometimes I feel like we just need to stay in the city for a full week and then we can eat it all because we do it SO well. For those of you wondering what keeps me up at night, it definitely deals with ATX dining. Prospects for the upcoming trip include June's and Mattie's. Thoughts?

READING: A friend recently told me about a snarky site where readers convene to complain and poke fun of bloggers. Maybe I'm just a total Pollyanna but I had NO CLUE this sort of thing even existed, did you?! Yowzah! The comments some of these people post are just awful. I was shocked to see what trolls had the gall to write about some of my Internet friends and favorite bloggers. Now, I won't sit here and pretend to be perfect and never pass judgment, but I really don't see how someone can sit behind a screen and anonymously pick people apart for fun. Why does it matter to you so much? Maybe you should invest in another hobby?!

LOVING: It's no secret my adoration for Madewell's Slim Boyjean runs deep, but after countless wears I'm down to just one pair. Gasp! Since it's been warm out I've tried to limit the amount of times I wear my favorite jeans and rely mostly on shorts, but that doesn't mean I haven't been stalking the website in hopes they bring back more options—preferably with minimal distressing because toddlers likes Max will hone in on holes and rips like it's their job. After months of losing hope and searching elsewhere for comparable options, I'm elated to announce that Madewell unveiled the perfect pair in their most recent rollout. Cue the hallelujah chorus. No more denim in despair and my mom uniform lives on! Yessssssss!

Enough about me. How are you feeling today? What are you up to? Thanks for stopping by!! 

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