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FEELING: In this edition of next-level adulting, I confess that we paid to have a truck load of dirt delivered yesterday afternoon and everyone but Beesly was downright giddy about the ordeal. To make matters worse, we placed our order at the local seed store last Saturday, which means said dirt has been the highlight of many discussions for four days straight. Are we becoming extra lame? Also, now we can't stop talking about whether we need ANOTHER truck load. Can somebody say intervention?

THANKFUL FOR: We're having a little get together on Saturday for Max's 4th birthday and since some of the activities would be best suited outdoors, I've been afraid to look at the upcoming weather. Given all the rain we've had over the past few weeks, I didn't want to get my hopes up for his party, but it looks like it's going to be a perfect Fall day complete with a piƱata and dino egg hunt!!

THINKING ABOUT: Earlier this week I was too stubborn to retrieve a set of pliers from the garage and managed to cut my hand while removing the spray nozzle from our hose. Knowing full well that we are currently out of Band-Aids (They're not stickers, Maxwell!), I put pressure on the cut to stop it from bleeding. Max came over and asked if I was okay. When I told him what happened, he took control of the scenario and made the following suggestion: "Stay calm and breathe. Let's try a little yoga. Do a tree pose first and then downward dog." He was so earnest; it took everything inside me to hide my smile and take him seriously. In an effort to humor him, I went on to ask how I could do a downward dog with my right hand bleeding as it was. Without skipping a beat, he responded "Let me show you the modified version." Sweet readers, this age is exhausting but moments like this are priceless!

READING: If you have a rather headstrong little one who has a hard time grasping his/her birthday ISN'T tomorrow like they insist, I suggest you keep a copy of When's My Birthday on standby. All of the party preparations and incoming packages have made the waiting game THAT much harder this year for Max, and I spent a good thirty minutes last weekend trying to explain that we still have a week to go until we celebrate. This book paired with an impromptu paper-chain craft have helped a lot, but it's got me thinking I will need to bring my A-game as we near Christmas. Hold on to your butts!

LISTENING TO: On Tuesday night, Max climbed into my lap and said, "Mommy can we have a nose to nose?" I replied, "Sure! What's up?" when he responded, "This is going to be hard to for me to explain, but I just like daddy better." Oy! Child, do I need to remind you that four years ago to the day I had to pee in a jug for three days straight and keep the hospital-issued vessel on ice so the nurse could run tests in preparation for your big arrival? Birthing aside, do these gross little details mean anything to you? Ha!

: The drama with Jeff and Jenni, a lukewarm season of RHOC, Jerry O' Connell's pitiful start to Play by Play, and the dissolution of friendship between Carole and Bethenny is making me feel kind of "meh" about Bravo right now. Since it's the source of 90% of my entertainment (no lie), I keeping wondering when things are going to pick up and get good again?? Tell me something great is on the way, Andy!! ATL? NJ? For months it's felt like I just keep waiting for one of the series to really BRING IT. Do you expect me to start reading books or something? Mama needs an escape, but not the Kandi Burruss spinoff variety.

EATING: Most of the items on my to-do list for Max's birthday can't really be done until Friday and Saturday. It's making me a little bit bonkers because I'm ready to GSD. That being said, I'm mostly excited to kiss Keto good-bye and bake a cake (The Perfect Birthday Cake Recipe via The Vault Files). I still have no clue what I'm doing with the fondant, and I'm not going to worry about it if it becomes a problem because this simple cake recipe is already a winner. We made it a few years ago for Max's first birthday and I was really proud of how it turned out. Here's hoping I can make it happen again! If not, I'll have a dozen backup cupcakes.

LOVING: I professed my love on Instagram last Friday for this Eyelet-Back Sweatshirt from J.Crew. It's currently down to $36 (they're offering 40% off thru Monday) and I might just have to snag another color before they sell out. I already have it in Cerise and wore it twice in one week. Ha! In my defense, it's stupid cute, comfortable, and makes putting together a "momsemble" ridiculously easy.

Enough about me. How are you feeling today? What are you up to? Thanks for stopping by!! 
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