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FEELING: For the past few days Max has been under the weather. Congestion paired with a series of shots at his four-year wellness exam is a nasty combination for our little lad, but it's honestly got me thinking of The Office when Pam interacts with Dwight post-concussion. Do you recall the assistant (to the) regional manager acting unlike himself and Ms. Beesly realized they were friends? Yup! Are you picking up what I'm putting down? It's not that I enjoy my kid being sick (obviously!), but Max is actually being really sweet and helpful. He's suddenly low-maintenance and asks to snuggle. WTF?! The "world's okay-est mom" is going to relish in his sniffles for now because we'll know soon enough when he's on the mend. 

THANKFUL FOR: Remember two weeks ago when I was really excited about DIRT?? Well, when my aunt and uncle visited us over Columbus Day Weekend, they helped us create a berm in the backyard. Squee! Flyboy and I are kind of geeking out because it already looks SOOOOOO much better than it did before. The previous owners used the space for an amazing garden; however, we're looking to keep things a bit more low-maintenanace and I think this ought to be the ticket!! Stick around for hot tips on peat moss. Hehe!

THINKING ABOUT: Over the weekend, Flyboy flew down to Florida for work. Upon his return home, he shared a few photos of the recent damage he witnessed at Tyndall AFB, which was ravaged by Hurricane Michael. The images were devastating! I can't stop thinking about all of the displaced families, the military's plan of action to move forward, and what we can do to help.

READING: Do not even try to humor me and my attention span with something like instructions. Just between us, I read two steps from our new WiFi range extender "quick start" guide and had that thing figured out minutes later. Look, I'm not here to brag; this is just the sort of task I try to accomplish before Flyboy gets home from work because he pays attention to EVERY detail and would ensure he read the pamphlet front to back before attempting to install it. I just wanted faster Internet! Mission accomplished.

LISTENING TO: Max is napping right now, so while I put today's post together, I'm listening to the Texas U.S. Senate Debate that took place Tuesday night in San Antonio. At this point we've already mailed in our absentee ballots for the upcoming election and you BETO believe I'm giddy about it. I try to keep this corner of the blogosphere pretty light, but I can't tell you how refreshing it is to cast your vote for someone who reminds you that there is a market out there for decency in politics. No matter what happens come November, O' Rourke's campaign won't be wasted or forgotten. Here's hoping Texas can be the example on election day and "be the bridge over the small stuff, the partisanship, the bickering, the pettiness, the meanness, the name-calling, the bigotry, the racism, the hatred, the anxiety, and the paranoia that dominates so much of the national conversation today."

: I was late to get the Splitting Up Together memo, but after following Jenna Fischer and Goldie Hawn (also Oliver Hudson's doting mother) on Instagram, I figured I would give it a shot. I'll admit that it took me almost six episodes before I was really hooked, but that's only because it was hard for me to get Pam off my brain. Do you watch? What are your thoughts? I'll admit the storyline is fairly predictable, but it's a cute little escape that doesn't leave me ugly crying like I do with This Is Us or ready to flip a table like I might when I watch the Housewives. I'm excited to see what season two will bring.

EATING: Flyboy's aunt and uncle gifted the two of us with a meal at The Dabney in Washington DC for our birthdays. We've got tentative plans to cash in our gift certificate later this month, which has me poring over the menu already. It was a really thoughtful gift idea and gives us the perfect excuse to pencil in a date before things start to get hectic with his upcoming work trips, holidays, and the impending deployment. Side note: Does anyone know what a sugar toad is? My interest is piqued.

LOVING: Melvin G's print "Iris in Piume Viola" might be the happiest thing I'll stumble upon this week. This suits Apfel to a T!

Enough about me. How are you feeling today? What are you up to? Thanks for stopping by!! 
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