Thursday, October 25, 2018



: On Tuesday morning, Max and I visited every garden center in a 15-mile radius, but it was our initial stop at the seed store down the road that really gave us a case of warm and fuzzies. One thing I've been missing since we left Swell Rio is that feeling you get when you become a "regular" somewhere, and I think we've officially unlocked that "Cheers" level vibe at this particular spot. First we ran into the plant lady that loves me (no need to be modest—we tight!), then the dirt delivery guy made a point to stop us and ask about the infamous backyard berm, and finally we exchanged waves with our Amish grass man that treats the yard. Upon departing, I immediately called Flyboy, who was waiting for a flight in Philadelphia, and had to unload all of the giddy details. I could tell he was a bit jealous he missed out on the fun (he gets to be a fan girl around the yard guy), but I knew he'd really understand how great it felt to finally be considered a regular around here—at the seed store of all places.

THANKFUL FOR: Who's the bonehead that didn't know the comments section on her blog hasn't been working for like six(ish) weeks?? A big ol' shout out to the two readers who messaged me yesterday to see if I was aware this was an ongoing problem. Doh! Also, a round of applause to those of you who even want to comment and continue to do so when yours truly is kind of awful at replying. Believe it or not, I'm totally aware this is a two-way street and I need to get better about it. Forgive me.

THINKING ABOUT: There's a Madewell gift card that's burning a hole in my pocket. Have you seen their new arrivals? Holy swoon!! I've got major heart eyes for this leopard sweatshirt, but I'm on the fence about the cut on me and the shape. It's something I hope to see at the store and try on this weekend. The bold polka-dots-meet-leopard-spots print is insanely adorable!! I'll be sure to report back with a review, and I promise I won't return empty-handed.

READING: We got Max the cutest joke book for his birthday and I've been meaning to share it with you! If a morning with your kid feels a lot like a painful stand-up routine at a comedy club, you're going to want to have Wee Society's Wee Hee Hee handy. It's perfect for the little comedian in your life (giggles galore!!!) and the colorful illustrations are beautiful. 

LISTENING TO: Max likes to believe he's bigger and more grown up than he actually is, but there's one area in which he accepts that he's still my "baby" and that's when it comes to lullabies. Whenever he lays down for a nap or goes to bed he insists that I sing him a sweet song (tone deaf who?). It doesn't take much to twist my arm; however, it's starting to feel a lot like I'm serenading DJ Khaled. Before I can even finish one tune he's already shouting ANOTHER ONE!

: Flyboy came home last Friday all jazzed about the new episodes to Making a Murderer on Netflix. I was skeptical. How much more could we possibly learn about the case? Wasn't it two years ago Brandon Dassey was supposed to be released?? Oh, wait. We started watching the second part of the series on Saturday and we still have a few more episodes left, but I can't stop thinking about Zellner and some of the new evidence she's brought to the case. Have you watched? I'm dying to discuss with someone as the rest of my family has yet to catch up. There's just so much to consider at this point.

EATING: I picked up a few items at Trader Joe's to eat this week while Flyboy was away, but the microwave had other plans and decided to crap out on us on Monday (it will turn on but it won't heat anything). It's not a huge problem because I've been warming up the pre-cooked chicken in a skillet and I threw some black bean taquitos in the oven, but it's got me wondering how much of a pain it's going to be to find a microwave that actually fits in the space without any issues. Ah, home ownership. Time to get out the tape measure and pray we find something that fits, right??

LOVING: My sister got me the most hilarious gift for my birthday. Perhaps you already saw it on Instagram, but The Eternal Flame on Etsy makes a Patron Saint of Midnight Fun Prayer Candle (among countless other cheeky options) and it's sure to be a hit with any Bravo fan. Bookmark this for future gift ideas! I can assure you it's a shoe-in—kind of like Sonja's family crest on a slipper.

How are you feeling today? What are you up to? Thanks for stopping by!! 
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