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Happy Wednesday, m' dears! After five weeks, I think it's safe to say that "dishwashergate" is in the rear-view mirror. In fact, the repair technician is here as we speak. It's Max's nap-time and while he should be sleeping, I've given him the task of taking care of Beesly. Her mama bear instincts are through the roof while Flyboy's away, so this seemed like the easiest way to go about things this afternoon. Yes, you read that correctly. Max skipping his nap is easier for me to deal with than Beesly in protective mode. Lord help us! By the time this guy leaves, I'm going to need some gin.

Without further adieu, here are a few things that have sparked joy around here as of late...
  • A few people on Instagram asked if I buy flowers every week and the answer is yes. We have a local place where you can buy them for dirt cheap and I load up on a weekly basis. After my family lived overseas for ten years, my mom sort of adopted the habit and I've followed in her footsteps. You could say it's our Dutch heritage*, but something about having them around the house makes me really happy. After reading Ingrid Fetell Lee's book, Joyful, my affinity for fresh blooms made even MORE sense. Flowers are one of those universal things that make people happy. However, more often than not, we only buy them for holidays or anniversaries. The author argued the cost of a weekly bouquet of grocery store flowers is the same as a few therapy sessions. It's safe to say, I appreciate her rationale!
  • Re Dutch Heritage: My parents had one of those DNA/ancestry tests done last year and it said we were Dutch. Those of you who have been hanging around here for awhile know that my mom believed this to be true all along as she's obsessed with the Netherlands. For the sake of cheese and flowers, I'm beyond thrilled. However, I still think there's got to be Deutsch genes in there somewhere. Otherwise, how will I explain my peasant-stock build?? This pear shape bod needs answers.
  • Max could spend HOURS creating things out of Legos. We recently got a few of the "real" sets to add to his collection of Duplos, but I'm over the tiny "OG" bricks already. My at-home manicure can't take the wear and tear. Not to mention, the box comes with a little pamphlet filled with ideas of things to make and that means I have to make the crap. Upon this realization, I thought it might be a good idea to organize them by color so I could find the pieces, but that approach lasted less than twelve hours when Maxwell decided to dump ALLLLLL the Ziploc bags into a pile. Never again, kid...
  • We did some yard work on Saturday, but my mom told me I need to pump the breaks when it comes to buying plants as it's still VERY cold in the evening. Le sigh. Something about the nice weather gives me the itch to start planting all the things, but I will heed her warning. Haha! This time of the year in Texas was prime for buying/planting plants. I suppose I'll just work on transitioning my closet and Max's from Winter to Spring instead. That feels like an equally colorful and fulfilling to-do.
  • Fellow art fanatics and color lovers, I swear it's as if someone got inside my head/heart and illustrated everything I feel when I'm at an art museum. I seriously get SO emotional when I flip through the children's book, My Museum. If art is your jam, grab a copy in the name of #shelfcare. You'll feel giddy, I know it!!

Enough from me. What details have you found delightful lately?
P.S. I wrote today's post before I found out there's yet ANOTHER problem with fixing our dishwasher (it requires a plumber now), but I don't have the energy to edit or update the text at this point. I'll spare you the thrilling details for now and sip on that gin I was talking about. Ha! I'm sure you'll hear more about it tomorrow. Lucky you!!

P.P.S. I also REALLY miss my husband. These sorts of shenanigans are wearing me out, y'all!


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