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FEELING: I was optimistic when I hit publish on last week's Thursday's Thoughts. Just when the repair technician stopped by to fix the heating element on our dishwasher, we learned our asshat contractor from last year installed the wood floors and didn't take the removal of the appliance into account when he laid them. As a result, the dishwasher is currently trapped and I need to find a way to remove a few floor boards so the repairman can pull the machine out to work on it. It could be worse, but it's just another thing I have to take care of in Flyboy's absence. I contacted said contractor to see if he could help, but he's been flaky, which only adds to the frustration. On top of this, I've had to rearrange vet and dental appointments to accommodate the ongoing issue and it's got me wishing life would return back to boring soon. Surviving is enough during a deployment. Anything additional is a pain in my rump.

THANKFUL FOR: I feel a bit silly for ranting earlier about my issues because in the big scheme of things, we're very blessed. This past week, my family in Iowa and South Dakota have been impacted by the devastating floods going on in the Midwest. With more catastrophic flooding on the way (due to snowmelt and additional rain), I pray they remain safe. Footage of small nearby towns being swallowed by the historic flooding are absolutely heartbreaking. I'm grateful that our family has kept us updated via text messages, but it's hard not to feel helpless in times like these. 

THINKING ABOUT: I got us to tickets for Jurassic Quest at the end of April and I know Max is going to have the best time. The event/exhibition allows you to experience "living, breathing, walking dinosaurs" through a series of activities, rides, science stations, fossil digs, etc. We've wanted to go for awhile, but they only stop at a few select cities each year. I've been checking the location list off and on for the past year and was ecstatic to learn they were coming to Virginia. It seems like it was meant to be. The only thing missing will be Flyboy!

READING: What's a girl got to do to get an issue of Domino magazine around here? About the time I let my subscription expire, I noticed the glossy was being sold at Target and Safeway, so I wasn't too worried about having access to the magazine whenever it hit newsstands. Well, it's a totally different story now, and I know as soon as I buy another subscription it will be available again locally. Lesson learned—always maintain your subscription, Ashley.

LISTENING TO: After Christmas, I got a set of wireless headphones on mega sale (this set) and I love them so much. Aside from when I blog or spin, I've found they come in super handy when I do yard work or the one time I had to shovel part of the driveway. The neighbors probably think I'm nuts, but every time I put them on and play music or a podcast, I swear it feels like a mini getaway. The fact that this pair is super cute doesn't hurt either. Hehe!

WATCHING: One movie night a few weeks ago, I introduced Max to The Little Mermaid and it made my heart so happy to see that he adored the film just as much as I do. I was fully prepared for him to be bored, but Scully had him at hello with the dinglehopper line. The fact that he shares the same name as the adorable sheep dog was icing on the cake! 

EATING: We've reached that point in the deployment where I don't miss cooking per se, but I do miss eating a variety of foods and the excuse to whip up a sheet pan of nachos on a Saturday night. Ha! If I was looking to meal plan, I'd refer to some of the tasty recipes I've been pinning. I probably won't get to test them for a few more months, so I thought I'd throw a few ideas your way instead and live vicariously through you! If you try any, be sure to report back.

: A few weeks ago, I droned on about my kid and the holes he gets in the knee region of his pants?? Well, it's STILL an issue (we average two ripped pairs a week), but I've learned I'm not alone. It must be a *thing* with active/spirited kids around this age group. While I haven't been able to find any terribly cute options and places like Target are starting to offer mostly shorts (WTF?), I bought two pairs of these joggers for Max from Amazon Essentials and you can't beat the quality. They're perfect for the park or a day at home in which he doubles as a stuntman.

How are you feeling today? What are you up to? Thanks for stopping by!! 

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