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FEELING: My parents visited this past weekend and I wanted to get my mom's opinion on a potential light to replace the one that currently hangs in the entryway of the house (it came with the place). I had my eye on this Rope Net Pendant Lamp, but the photo on the website doesn't do the piece justice. I knew my mom needed to see it in person to fully understand why I was so smitten with the light and to also get her input regarding the size/scale of the piece. The ceilings are pretty high, so I wanted to ensure the light wouldn't be dwarfed once it was installed. After getting her approval, I went ahead and pushed the purchase button. Yasssss! Seeing it in the space has me giddy! I'll probably have to wait for a professional to install it because of the tall ceiling, but getting this detail pinned down is exciting.

THANKFUL FOR: The service repairman showed up today to fix our dishwasher. Hallelujah!! Thank goodness it's just Max and me, because I'm SO over hand-washing the dishes. I know it's pretty pathetic on my end, but I can't remember the last time I actually had to wash the dishes myself. It got me thinking about Home-Ec class at Bitburg Middle School and the strict teacher we had. Everything had to be perfect and we weren't excused for our next class unless the sink was dry and our dirty towels were wrapped in the way she instructed us. I couldn't help but chuckle because memories of Ms. Reisman started flooding through my mind these past few weeks while the dishwasher was kaput. 

THINKING ABOUT: We've got BIG plans to paint the kitchen cupboards and island in mid-April. Y'all, pumped doesn't even begin to describe how I feel about this looming to-do!! It's going to completely change the look of our kitchen. I'll admit that I'm a bit nervous, but with my mom taking the reigns for this DIY, I know it's going to turn out awesome and we're going to learn a lot in the process. That being said, if you have experience refinishing cabinetry, give me all the tips and tricks you've got up your sleeve. I need to gather materials and start prepping, so any help is appreciated.

READING: Max is currently obsessed with the book, Boy + Bot by Amy Dyckman. He walks around the house treating it as though it's an instructional manual or best friend. The story itself is adorably funny, but the illustrations take the cake. In fact, we're currently collecting boxes and other recyclables so we can create a friend robot of our very own. 

LISTENING TO: There's a tune Max and I can agree to listen to in the car right now and that's Kacey Musgraves' hit, Rainbow. Her voice and the message in the song mesmerizes all ages. Ha! 
It's no wonder she won Album of the Year. 

WATCHING: If you need me this weekend, you can find me taking the hedge trimmer to our Liriope and spending the rest of my free time binge-watching the new season of Queer Eye!!! Eeeek! Who else is ecstatic about the premiere tomorrow?? I'm SO ready to get my feel-good, happy cry on. Now to load up on some snacks. Who's with me??

DRINKING : On Tuesday, I ordered the Cloud Caramel Macchiato at Starbucks and was sorely disappointed in my drink. Two sips in and I could hardly stomach the rest. Yikes! Unbeknownst to me, we have Ariana Grande to blame for the concoction as she recently collaborated with the coffee company. Let me take this opportunity to say, "Thank U, Next." Fellow macchiato lovers, do yourself a favor and don't waste your money on this one. Ew.

: These Acrylic Frames from Target are an incredible deal. I've seen pricier options at Crate & Barrel and West Elm for four times the price. I'm not sure how they compare in terms of quality, but for $20 to $25, they're definitely worth trying! The brass metal studs are such a fabulous detail. Can you picture a bunch of these in a grouping?? 

How are you feeling today? What are you up to? Thanks for stopping by!! 

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