Friday, October 14, 2011

A Century of Homecoming

It's Homecoming Week at the University of Missouri. Can I get a M-I-Z? Don't restrain. Come on and give me your best Z-O-U. You know you want to! This year's homecoming is special for a lot of reasons -- it marks Mizzou's 100th year of homecoming celebrations. You're welcome, America! You can thank MU for beginning this tradition. He he! What? You say it's shenanigans? Read this article and decide. Now go on and thank a Tiger.

I love tradition, and I get chills just thinking about the events on campus. I'm sure you might feel similarly about your school or hometown. It's a beautiful feeling, isn't it? With my transient past as an Air Force brat and this current chapter as a military spouse, Missouri is so special to me for a lot of reasons. It was the first base my dad was stationed at that was stateside after a decade overseas. My sister and I attended school in the Show-Me State and created lifelong friendships. It's where I went to college and further discovered my passion for learning and a new zeal for life; it's where I met and married Flyboy -- one of my favorites! Simply stated, Columbia feels like a hometown to me. When I return, there's a great sense of ownership and joy, maybe even a little swagger. What can I say? I love the people, food, ambiance, the focus on education, etc. But what really gets me tickled is the proud bond shared by other Tigers, both young and old. There's something about sitting on the Quad on a crisp fall day with a book in hand, or standing in the stadium waving your arms in the air for the Missouri Waltz. It's contagious. No matter where the future will take us, I know I'll always wear a heart of gold.
Fight, Tigers, fight for Old Mizzou!
Go Tigers!

P.S. We may have visitors this next week, so bear with my short and simple posts. I promise to put something up daily -- it just may be lacking in the creativity department. My bad!
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  1. Z-O-U!!! I know you are here in spirit this weekend :)

  2. If I lived in Hawaii I would probably want to steal your dog, its so cute!! And when I went to Rutgers the Homecoming was nothing exciting like you explained, I wish it was maybe I would have stayed at the school longer then haha

  3. Thanks, Amy!

    Mary Kate, she's such a sweet dog. We've got two, but she's more of an attention hog! If you ever travel through MO, you should stop in Columbia. It's such a fun town:) I'm sure you'd love it!!

    Have a wonderful weekend, ladies!!