Wednesday, October 19, 2011

a few things to do...

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  1. You need to root for the Rangers. We are firmly in the anti-Cardinal camp (Mike's a Cubs fan, and I grew up on the "Royal" side of the state). :) Added bonus for the Rangers? Their All-Star second baseman, Ian Kinsler, is a Mizzou alum. Just sayin'.

  2. Amy,
    Nick feels the same way about the Cardinals. Ha ha! After living in TX for a few years, we kinda feel some sort of allegiance to the Lone Star state as well. I just read an article about Ian Kinsler -- I think it's so cool that he's a Mizzou alum:)

  3. Oh yeah, I guess being a Sedalian Nick probably leans more toward the American League? Smart man :)
    Off topic - mailed stuff to you last night from Schnuck's, so hopefully it arrives. The lady seemed to think she got the postage for Hawaii correct, so we'll see!

  4. You're too good to me, Amy! That was so kind and thoughtful of you:) I'm excited to check my mailbox!!!