Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Damn Fine Week

Howdy, friends! My apologies for the lack of creativity in my posts this past week. As I mentioned before, things around here have been rather busy. We had visitors for a week, so I tried to knock the posts out ahead of time. Needless to say, I feel a little rusty. It's time to add some more personality to the posts and catch up. Shall we? I'll ease into it by sharing some tidbits from this past week's events.

Seeing familiar faces and sharing numerous laughs were highlights of the week. It was especially fantastic to have visitors because it kept things busy on Puna and kept my mind off of Flyboy's impending departure. We toured the island with our friends and bid them adieu early Friday morning. Not to worry, we fit in plenty of fun and sun, with just the right splash of Aloha. We were sad to see them go, but it was time to relax as a family and fit in some Fine quality time. Saturday was all about the birthdays. Yup, both Tripp and I share the same birth date. It was one of those details that just sealed the deal when we went to adopt him. What could be more perfect? Anywho, we spent our special day relaxing. Of course, that means a trip to Starbucks, J.Crew, and Kate Spade (and a quick stop at Petco for Tripp). Isn't that what relaxation looks like to you? He he! I had gift cards that were burning holes in my pocket. What can I say? I'm not the kind of girl that sits and thinks about how she's going to spend her wad. That's just silly and something only Flyboy would do. Perhaps that's why we make a perfect pair?

And just as promised, the weekend consisted of fizzy gin beverages, stripes, yellow cake with sprinkles, and countless hours of pointless Bravo TV. It was just as I'd envisioned! We managed to get Flyboy's gear packed on Saturday evening, which left us with the rainy and lazy Sunday we'd hoped for. As much as Flyboy detested the idea of packing on my birthday, I was pretty eager to break into a Type-A jig and organize to my heart's delight. There's just something about fitting numerous piles of military junk into as few bags as possible. It makes this girl's heart go pitter-patter. The reason I call it junk? There are very little stripes or chevrons, and color (if you can even call it that) consists of putrid shades of brown and green -- far from a delightful clover or Kelly green. 

Now, enough of my rambling and on to a few scenes from this past week and weekend...
Setting: Lil Puna (Our house on the hill)
Our friends experienced a lot of "bossy" Ashley. What can I say? It's the tour guide in me. Follow the itinerary people!
The dynamic DeMass duo with my lovely husband in the background. Yes, he always takes photos with his guns blazing.
The infamous pose.
Breakfast at Puna. Our days usually revolve around when and what we'll eat next.
Flyboy with Beesly & Tripp in the front yard.
Tripp after a quick jaunt up the hill. He's a happy dog!
Hitting the celebratory sauce.
A birthday staple. Yellow cake with chocolate frosting. Get. Out. Of. Town.
Snail mail mania. Complete with princess kitty card from my dad. It's become a tradition!
A brilliant gift from my aunt and cousin. You know I love a pun regarding my last name!
This vintage cracker tin takes the cake. Thanks, ladies!!
Pom Poms, colorful material, and sewing accessories. Pillow-palooza is about to hit Puna.
Birthday booty from family and friends. Look at that Mizzou themed flower pin! Thanks, Amy!!
Relaxing weekend complete with afternoon nap.
Time to crank out the Thank-You notes. There's so much to be grateful for!!
Happy Tuesday, Lovelies!
In an effort to get completely caught up, I plan to share my current "Lurve List" with you tomorrow. 
I've got a few new fab finds that I'm eager to tell you about.

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  1. Heh, the cracker tin makes me laugh. Charlie got mad at Ben the other day and called him a cracker. I do not think it meant the same thing to him as it did to Mike and me :)

  2. glad to hear you had such a great birthday!

  3. Haha, that's perfect, Amy! Now I'll think of him whenever I see it:)

    Thanks, Mary Kate!! I hope you make that sandwich some time soon. It's got me hungry after looking at your blog:)

  4. The kid has something about calling people food names when he's mad; Kylee ticked him off one day and he said "you're a donut, I'm gonna eat you up and take your car!". Classic!

  5. If I tick him off, do you think you could arrange for him to call me Tequila Nachos or a James Brownie Funky Jackhammer?? He he! He could have Nick's truck;)