Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Style Board: Chic C'est La Vie

Meet Anna Beth -- a fellow blogger, a stylish and smart graduate of Mizzou's J-School, a Bravo and etsy enthusiast, and most importantly, a fan of fine paper goods. AB and I met in a theatre course my senior year at MU. We didn't chat much; we mostly shared a few good laughs -- that class offered a plethora of punchy personalities. Go on and show us your Fosse Hands! As a result of some group assignments, we added one another on Facebook and went our separate ways. Huzzah for indirect friendships fostered by FB! After college and a few years in Swell Rio, there were times when I'd share a Sarah Richardson and Tommy Smythe reference in an occasional status, and she was one of the few that got it. This was the extent of our friendship, but I knew she was quality by her taste in HGTV (and Bravo, of course). Oy with the poodles already!

Rewind to June 2011 -- the beginning of my blogging mania. Just when I thought no one was reading this silly thing, I received a few comments and one of them was from Anna Beth. We exchanged an email or two, and she continued to offer kind feedback and support. It turns out we have a great deal in common and share a lot of the same feelings. Pinterest and etsy took our friendship to a whole different level. We began pinning and adding the same vendors. How could our tastes be so similar? Why didn't we hang out when we lived in the same town? Did she really know the exact name of my Kate Spade purse? Woah! It got a little eery at times, and I'm still convinced we were separated at birth. We share a mutual appreciation for terms like "adorkable," and Zoe-isms such as "bananas" and "obvi", but there's more to our friendship than just mazels for Andy and cute note cards. 

Over the past month or two, Anna Beth has emailed me some of the greatest advice. She has a knack for saying the right thing at the right time. She has the ability to share the right quote or verse that is completely appropriate. She's bright, cheerful, wise beyond her years, and honest. I can't say enough wonderful things about her. She keeps me in check and has helped me realize the difference between introspection and being the hostess to my own sad sap soiree. 

We took our nerdy factor to a whole new level in August when we became pen pals. Be jealous. Her envelopes are decorated with snazzy Japanese Washi Tape. I get mail from AB, and I suddenly want to do a little jig. I feel very blessed to have been reconnected with her, and to have the opportunity to learn more about her. There aren't enough Thank-You notes in the world to express my gratitude for Anna Beth and the friendship she's shown me over the past few months, but I'll keep trying to reciprocate the sunshine she's given me.

Anywho, enough of the gush fest. Here's Anna Beth's style/inspiration collage...  

What inspires you?
  • Leopard Scarf: J.Crew. I've already worn it a few times, regardless of the weather. I love it that much.
  • The Book: 1950 Jane Eyre in French. Found it on a used book Website for $20 and had to get it. I fell in love with the cover; I'm a sucker for packaging.
  • Essie's Jamaica Me Crazy: Currently on my toes. A perfect fall color with just the right amount of sparkle. 
  • Inside the Book: The save-the-date for a dear friend's wedding that's next spring. It's printed on wood and wrapped in twine. And the envelope (not pictured) is covered in vintage stamps. I'm framing it. No joke. 
  • Kate Spade Sparkle Flats: I dreamed about these shoes for months when they were out, but I couldn't justify buying them, and then they disappeared. My mom found them at T.J. Maxx for a third of the original price and surprised me with them for my birthday. Now I just need a place to wear them. Are they too much for the grocery store?
Thanks for sharing, AB! I think your sparkly flats could sweeten the deal on any dull day, but would definitely take the cake at a fancy fete. Could we call you twinkle toes?

Happy Wednesday!
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  1. this is so cute! is there still time to email you a collage?

  2. Stop it...I'm kvelling! This is too mushy, gushy to relay in comments, but your words brought tears to my eyes! Verklempt doesn't even convey my emotional state...danke!

  3. Mary Kate, feel free to email me something whenever you have a chance. I'd love to feature it on the blog:) There's no real rush, just whenever you have the time! I'm so excited.

    AB, you're too sweet! I still wish there was a way to express my gratitude and excitement accurately. This was just an attempt;)