Monday, October 3, 2011

Weekend Shenanigans

Happy Monday, Lovelies! Life on Puna was pretty delightful this weekend. There was a lot of relaxing, contagious laughter, and crossing items off our To-Do List. Don't you just love when productivity and rest rendezvous? Here are a few weekend highlights...
"Think of all the beauty still left around you and be happy." -- Anne Frank
Saturday morning was welcomed with Birthday Donuts from Starbucks. While a bit on the sinful side, it's my birthday month, so I made an exception. The tiny pink fried pastries with sprinkles were screaming my name.
And yes, there was also a cup o' heavenly caffeine. I can't help but think of You've Got Mail. "Just call me Joe."
A trip to the mall for Flyboy's haircut usually means "me" time at Barnes & Noble and J.Crew. I love when Flyboy's mane gets shaggy. This Saturday's trip was a true success! I found The Sewing Bible -- a book I believe will teach me how to use my new sewing machine, or what I like to call the beginning of pillow-palooza. 
Another great find? These adorable Thank-You Notes courtesy of Kate Spade. I've wanted to add these note cards to my stationery wardrobe for awhile.
A trip to the mall left me pining for these flats from Banana. 
I finally got to enjoy Bridesmaids with Flyboy, where big belly laughs and numerous snorts ensued. He missed out on seeing it with my fam at the cinema this summer, so I was itching to have him watch it. He was thoroughly entertained. 
On Sunday, we went for a bike ride. Flyboy got a new jersey and bibs for his birthday, so he was eager to wear them and release his inner-Schleck brother. As you're probably already aware, I like to play the role of supportive wife, so I also own a road bike. This was one way I wooed him in college. He put a ring on it, and this back fired BIG time. Ladies, don't pretend to pick up the hobbies of your significant other. Every time I put on this silly costume, I don't feel anything like Lance Armstrong when we're riding. I just thank God I'm able to clip my pedals and keep my balance. The downside to this kind of marital support? The bike shorts. I still feel like Cam when I put them on.
The area below my waist should be blurred out. I try to wear a colorful jersey with some sort of pattern (as seen above). It's my attempt at minimizing the focus on my legs (aka the sausage links). Strap on a helmet for a polished and completely ridiculous look. 
In other news, the pooches got their nails did at Petco. (Wow, this is really starting to sound as lame as those silly Christmas newsletters!) It wasn't quite the disastrous experience I'd envisioned. Of course, we arrived during the Sunday dog training lesson. Go ahead and distribute the dunce caps and refer to us as the Fine Fido Flunkies. "Stupid is as stupid does" explains things around our house. 
Grillaxin' Grindz: We made these Sweet Mustard BBQ Pork Chops for dinner. They were delish! And the best part? The bloggers are fellow Tigers. Can I get a M-I-Z? 
I finally got to make my Zucchini Fries and Sriracha Aioli. I'm gonna go ahead and brag. They were flippin' fantastic! 
Pinner, pinner, chicken dinner! While Flyboy fell asleep on the chaise, I perused Pinterest and was reminded of this magnificent Matchbook ensemble appropriate for a fall day at the farmer's market. Even if it's still warm around here, it feels like autumn in the blogosphere. Can't you feel the cool crispness in the air and hear the crunching leaves?
What did you do this weekend? Does anyone have any exciting news? Did you do anything fun? 
Try something new? Do share.

Make today count.

P.S. Keep your style/inspiration collages coming! It would be fun to mix things up around here and learn  more about YOU. Email me your photo and include a list of items in the image. Interested but currently swamped? Not to worry! I'll feature your photos as I receive them. Not sure what I'm talking about? Check out Friday's post here. I encourage you to join in on the fun...
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  1. I watched Bridesmaids this weekend too! It's sooo funny. Great post!

  2. I've been wanting to watch Bridesmaids but I've had something to do every weekend since it came out on DVD and haven't had time to rent it!

    I'm glad I'm not the only one who celebrates their birthday month! My family makes fun of me but you need to celebrate all month!

  3. We watched Bridesmaids while we were in Florida! Mike had not seen it yet; I don't know what entertained him more; the dress shop scene, or me laughing!