Thursday, November 17, 2011

Get Poppin

Yesterday morning I was a busy bee prepping for my sister and her boyfriend's arrival. While washing the car, my phone started to ring. It was an unknown number from New York. I figured I'd pick it up. Why not? Maybe this was my big break? A friendly voice greeted me from Poppin -- a unique office supply store from which I recently placed an order. The Poppin representative just wanted to see if I was satisfied with my purchase and if I would offer any feedback. He probably wasn't ready to receive an overly excited opus as to why I'm their new biggest fan. First, I'm an office supply junkie. There's just something so wonderful about a new set of file folders, a colorful tape dispenser, or a fresh set of pens. Second, I have this thing about online vendors that make the extra effort by asking for your feedback personally, sending a handwritten note, etc. It may seem a bit old-fashioned, but I think it's great business. It's that intimate experience so many of us crave. Think about your local mom-and-pop hardware store, or for the Meg Ryan enthusiasts out there, The Shop Around The Corner. As far as most online retailers are concerned, I'm just a customer assigned some random order number, and we most likely won't communicate unless something went wrong (items missing, broken, etc.). The online shopping experience can be this simple, but it's so much more personal when vendors give that added personal touch. It's appreciated, and one reason why I'll continue to shop at online sites like Poppin, Ban.Do, Bauble Bar, and Etsy. They're all quality shops that care about customers. While you're at it, take a gander at some of Poppin's cheerful products. It's a colorful, fun, and cheap way to add some pizazz and personality to your ho-hum workspace.

In the mood to sharpen up your office style?

Here are my Poppin pens and tape dispenser at work in my office!
As if snail mail and list making weren't fun enough,
these spiffy green pens take Type-A to a whole 'nother level of happy!

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  1. So cute! I think I need some supplies too! :)

  2. Oooo these are so cute!

  3. AB - You definitely need some of these office supplies!! They're a must:)

    Tariro - Thanks for stopping by! I checked out your blog today and I love it. You're so talented:)

  4. I DO think we just became best friends! I just got my second Poppin order in today!! (I saw their Facebook link to your blog.) LOVE Poppin! LOVE (and still mourn) Blueprint and Domino. LOVE (!!!) Etsy and office supplies. I have those green pens, too. ;)

  5. Clara - Thanks for stopping by! Your blog is both fashionable and fun. I look forward to reading more:)

    Tommy - Your comment made my day. It's not often that I get the pleasure in meeting someone who shares so much in common. How can you go wrong with Poppin, Etsy, and quality shelter mags like Blueprint and Domino (RIP)? Your usage of exclamation points made me grin as well. Some may scoff at their over usage, but I think we know how to express our excitement best. I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship:)

  6. I had never heard of Poppin before but now that you have posted about it I'm obsessed! Can't wait to place an order!

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