Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Jive Turkey

Tomorrow's the big day! Are you pumped? Woo hoo! Stressed? No way! Have you prepped? Our turkey is brining in a large cooler, and our pie has been baked. The sweet scent of cinnamon, apples, and salted caramel fill the air. Is it time to eat yet? The residents and guests of Lil' Puna are ready to stuff ourselves into a food-induced coma. What about you? What are you most excited about this Thanksgiving? Do you have any fun traditions? Do tell.
one // A cute apron should help do the trick. 

two // Fun and festive table top accessories.

three // Holy cuteness and carb overload!

four // I'll take one of each, please!

five // A chance to unwind and make memories.

six // Give Thanks.

In the spirit of this lovely holiday, I thought I'd remind you that each day I'm grateful for the opportunity to interact with readers by sharing memories, funny stories, and fabulous finds. Thanks for your continued support and encouragement. I hope you have a wonderful holiday that's shared with family and friends! 
"It is not happy people who are thankful; it is thankful people who are happy."
What are you most grateful for? Be sure to give thanks!
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  1. I'm ready now! And I could live for a YEAR off of one day with your energy. Thanks for the uplifting posts . . . your enthusiasm is palpable!


  2. So glad you and Aubrey get to hang out and cook for Thanksgiving! Normally we're on the road to Nebraska by now, but we get to stay home this year. I cannot tell you how excited I am to cook turkey and all the fixin's in my own kitchen (and not be judged for drinking some pinot grigio while I make pie) :)

  3. Beautiful post! I can't wait to be baking and eating with my family. We are pretty relaxed at Thanksgiving.. Eat, light the hotel, hit up the movies! A tradition I'm very excited about!

  4. Going totally un-traditional this year. Haven't been fully traditional since we've been in, but I've been able to salvage little pieces every year. Visiting Sam's sister in NC, so no mom's food, none of my family, & no tree decorating Friday like we used to do. They don't have a TV, so no parade, dog show or football in the background. We are going to a sports bar to watch the game on Friday; I might get schmidt-faced just out of depression that I'm not still in my jammies. I'm trying very hard to keep my mind open & my spirits up. Thanks for the inspiration tho - I know you are forging new traditions at Puna, and are classically Type-A(shley) peppy about it. I have no doubt that it will be lovely. Enjoy your turkey day, turkey!

  5. love this post... have a fantastic time this weekend!

    Happy Thanksgiving eve!

  6. Barbara - That's so sweet of you! Thanks for stopping by:) Your job sounds like so much fun!! We used to live in TX, and I miss it!!!

    Amy - So glad you get to host your own Turkey Day. Knowing your cooking, I bet it will be out of this world!! Oh, and does that Pinot Grigio come in a to-go bag;) He he!

    Jordon - Oh my goodness, that sounds like so much fun! What movie will you see? Also, you should blog about the lighting of the tree. It seems so magical:)

    Kim - Hang in there, love! It will be alright. You seem to have given yourself quite the pep talk:) Ha ha! Just keep singing this: "It ain't so quirky to eat a lot of turkey. On this Thanksgiving Day-ay-ay."

    Elie - Thanks for always making a point to stop by! I loved your post about Thanksgiving preparations. Your links were so helpful:)

    Happy Thanksgiving, Friends!!

  7. I love the fact that you're brining your turkey! I tried convincing my parents it was the way to go this year but sadly they werent a fan of the idea. I'm most grateful for my family and my new blogger friends this year :)have a lovely thanksgiving!

  8. Bwahaha! I still crack up about the wine "doggy" bags... good grief. Evidently the idea has spread outside the state of Nebraska, because they asked me if I needed one at Macaroni Grill the other day. I about died.

  9. ohhh! I love that apron! What a nice post!

    Thank you for following me back :) I'll be sure to stop by your great blog often!