Thursday, November 10, 2011

Spotted & Hearted

After a rather wordy Wednesday, I'll keep today's post simple.
Here are some random, but cheeky, items I stumbled upon recently...
Castle & Things Spotty Love
Kitschy Kitchenware: Fishs Eddy
I'm crazy about their cheerful collection of dishes and serveware! So bold and fun.
Best in Show: Dog Topiaries
Thanks Matchbook for the heads up! I think one of these would be darling in a garden.
I blame my mother for my obsession with all things mossy.
The Cheeky Kitchen: Mad Crazy 98-Layer Brownies
Flipped through the November issue of Martha Stewart Living and came across Deborah Needleman's perfectly imperfect home! There's so much character and charm. I am in lurve! Must get her book SOON!
Register with Craftivore. Watch. Learn. Create.
Take a Guzzlet: Drinkify is simply a hoot!
Visit the site, type in the musical artist you're listening to, and they'll create an appropriate adult beverage for the occasion.
Take a peek at this delightful behind-the-scenes video...
I'm pretty sure I'd look divine driving this VW Bug decorated by the crew at Kate Spade New York.
They just took their motto "Live Color Fully" to a whole 'nother level of perfection.

And finally, prepare to pucker up for this list...
Hey-O! A Kissing Checklist courtesy of Keep Calm Gallery.

Happy Thursday!
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  1. I discovered Drinkify yesterday, how fun!

  2. You are always leading me to something new and fun - loves the Fishs Eddy stuff!

  3. aww kissing checklist is so cute. love all the bright colors here! great blog.