Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Let's Chat: November Matchbook

Tell me you've learned to expect a post regarding the monthly Matchbook? Okay, good, because I look forward to discussing each issue with you. Did you love it as much as I did? I know I ask each month, "How could they possibly top this?" But seriously, my two perfect worlds collided today, and I'm absolutely smitten! I have to tell you that I sat down to my computer with my oatmeal and a freshly sliced kiwi. I expected to check emails and take a gander at my favorite blogs. Once I saw the issue went live, I could have cared less about breakfast. A few hours later, my porridge was cold and my fruit was warm. Eww, but so totally worth it!

I go through this rather frantic process when I get a new magazine -- My heart starts racing because I'm giddy and filled with joy. I either flip through the pages or click the mouse quickly to get an instant sneak peak. It's that very ADHD side to me. I'm taking mental snapshots of my favorite pages as I shuffle through the issue. I'm grinning from ear to ear. It's a goofy smile, not a pretty one. Note to self: MUST GO BACK TO THIS PAGE. It's perfect! From time to time, there's some sort of feature story or layout that will just take my breath away and stop me in my tracks. That's exactly what happened when I got towards the end of the November issue and read the piece about Andy & Kate Spade. It kind of goes against my rules and process for reading a magazine, but I can always make an exception. I guess that's when you know it was a spectacular issue. Next thing I know, I've read the feature TWICE and my face is resting on my hand because I'm just so stinkin' happy and inspired. This article penned her exactly as I hoped she would be.

Can you even imagine what it would have felt like to be Katie or Jane and get to meet them? Can you say dream job? Okay, enough swooning. Here are my Matchbook highlights... 
I let out a giant squeal when I saw the cover! Aren't they adorable?
All of the above.
Yes to all things camel, a utilitarian and stylish pea coat, and fun November reading material.
This has become one of my favorite monthly features. 
Just another reason to look forward to Thanksgiving...
I'll take any help I can get! I know I can always rely on Matchbook for some great gift giving ideas.
The gold chevron drawer liners have me feeling twitterpated.
Such cheerful gift ideas!
Drum roll please...
They seem so humble and fun. Their admiration and love for one another is evident. I just lurve that!
Oh, and I would die to see their house.
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  1. They top themselves with each issue. I thought Oct was stellar, but this takes the cake! I'm loving the Country Estate editorial. Coral coats, blazers with elbow patches, brooches, teal leather gloves AND a baby goat? That's a moment! They say they're thankful for all of us Matchbook girls, and I'm thankful for them. It's nice to read a magazine that provides fun, informative features in a voice that doesn't sound like a 13-year-old girl. Also, who else loves the absence of men from this magazine? Nothing about dressing for him, cooking for him, etc. Matchbook is for women, by women,about women and I love it!

  2. these posts always get me excited to read the magazine! I havent gotten a chance yet to flip through it but now I'm even more excited about it, especially the spades feature! :)

  3. Oh man, I hope I didn't ruin it for you Mary Kate! I just get too excited about Matchbook. The excitement of a new issue consumes me for the first week. Ha ha! I'm glad we can share in the joy of a great magazine together.

    And yes, the Country Estate feature and the BHLDN piece blew me away. I wish we could all just get together for coffee and talk about it in person. Ha ha!

  4. I just started following your blog and I'm glad I did! I read Lonny and Rue and now it looks like I have another online magazine I MUST subscribe to! :)

  5. Carlie, Matchbook is a must. I know you'll love it. It's right up there with Lonny and Rue for me. It totally makes my month when the issue goes live. True, but nerdy!