Monday, November 14, 2011

A Rosy Red Outlook

Today's focus is red hot. I'm talking about the cardinal color of courage and authority. It makes a statement -- a hue best described as a timeless classic that packs some punch. It's said to be the most emotionally intense color (more love and less rage around here). Red stimulates the heart to beat faster and attracts attention.

Well, hello there, gorgeous! 

Maybe every Monday should begin with a healthy dose of scarlet, crimson, or rose? Now go on and don a pair of ruby red flats or a rouge scarf. What about some red lipstick? Woah, that's risky business for some of us out there. Wait, you're daring enough to paint your pout in this shade? Golly, I envy your beauty confidence.

I guess Bill Blass knew what he was saying when he offered the following piece of advice...
A recipe for the perfect ensemble. Lessons in layering, courtesy of Note To Self.

A rather chic convertible.

The original rose-colored cheek and lip tint.

Eclectic & Chic: Charlotte Ronson's Apartment

Products With a Twist: The End Bookend


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  1. I have been wanting a red pair of skinny jeans! I just can't seem to find the perfect pair! I think I need more red in my life!

  2. what a coincidence, I'm wearing red today! Love it!

  3. Staley, I hope you find the perfect pair soon! I keep seeing bright shades of cobalt blue and yellow. I'll keep my eyes peeled for some red, and let you know if I find anything:)

    Ellie, I love it!