Tuesday, January 24, 2012



I love Mondays for one reason -- It's a Brad, Brad World. When Bravo started airing commercials for Mr. Goreski's docu-series, I felt at odds. I love Rach, Rodg, and Brad. Do I have to choose sides in this divorce? For the love of baby Skylar and his "mayj" shoe collection, NO! There's room in this Bravo love tank for all things fabulous. Besides, I could never discriminate against this bubbly, bow-tie-wearing fashionisto*. In fact, his show has only intensified my love for him. He's as cute as a button! If he ever finds that he needs a stand-in BFF for Annabet, I would be there in a Canadian heartbeat. I just want to be around to wipe his tears and listen to his playful banter with Gary. What? He wants to take me on a shopping spree at Tory Burch? Enlist my help for styling at Kate Spade? Ba-na-nas! Oops, I probably shouldn't say that. It's okay though, we'll work on some other quirky catch phrase.

Around 10/9c, my geek-chic gush fest begins. Yes, you will find me on Mondays clad in plaid or a bow tie watching this budding stylist's fashion journey. My cheeks inevitably hurt afterwards because I've smiled or laughed too much. That is ALWAYS a good thing.

Happy Tuesday!

Final Thoughts...  
  • My apologies for today's vulgarities. Can we just agree to call them pops of colorful language? I did it in the name of bow ties and POCs.
  • Can't get enough Brad? You must read this interview. He's adorable as ever!  
  • His book comes out in March. Can't wait! 
*Slight grammar inquiry regarding the appropriateness of the hyphens used. Eek, what a faux pas! Please advise as necessary.
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  1. Brad was always my favorite on RZ project, I like him a lot better than Rachel actually so I am loving his show! I can't wait for the book either!

  2. This is amazing! I love both him and RZ, and it's clear they can hold their own separately. POC!

  3. I am also a fan. He obviously has specs appeal in spades.