Wednesday, January 18, 2012

My Celeb Roomie

Years ago, my family was on our way to the beach and my mom posed the following question:

If you could choose any celebrity as a roommate, who would it be? 
(Note: Roommates can be co-ed.)
Dad: Pamela Anderson (Can you say classy?)
Mom: Will Smith (I knew she'd say that!)
My sister, Aubrey: Owen Wilson (A perfect pair!)
In an instant, I had my answer: Reese Witherspoon (Obvi!)

For some sick and twisted reason, I think she and I would be the best of friends. Yes, I'm still referring to my celeb bestie, Reese. I mean, years have passed and we have just as much in common as we did the day the question was asked.

Color me delusional, but our fictional friendship looks something like this...
Roomie Rule #1: What's mine is yours.
Baubles & Stripes / Polka Dot Bikini / Bright Purse / Chunky Watches / Bean Boat & Tote / Belts / Cardigans / Bangles / Flats / Shades / Shoe Clips / Wellies -- images via Note to Self and Pinterest

My mom and sister are probably laughing right now. They know I'm not very good at sharing (especially clothes), but this southern sweetheart would be the exception. As a fellow Type-A personality, she seems tidy enough. It's clear we share a mutual love for cardis, classic navy staples, and monogrammed totes. Add a splash of stripes, some baubles and bows -- we're set! 

There would be no shortage of fun-tivities.

I don't care for sweet tea, but I could TOTALLY train myself to love it. I hear Reese makes a mean pitcher. Isn't that a southern gal's staple? I'm sure her treasured family recipe would make me a convert. As her roomie, I would inevitably start speaking with a cute little twang. Y'all and Howdy would no longer sound awkward; it would just be precious! When we're not drinking sun tea out of mason jars, you'll most likely find us getting our bangs trimmed en route to our mani/pedi appointments -- lattes and glossies in hand. A girl after my own heart, Reese also appreciates fine paper products. We'll most likely top off our day o' pampering with monogrammed note cards. A girl can never have enough in stock.  
Our decor mantra: It's got to be fun, whimsical, and organized.

BFF Headquarters is deliciously girly. We're talking tufted headboards. There's no shortage of polka dot and floral prints. It's got vintage flair. Modern meets traditional. It's colorful, but calm. Cleaning and organizing aren't chores, they're moments to bond. It's the ultimate BFF retreat.  

It's clear that I've put too much thought into my mom's question. In fact, I stand a greater chance of getting served with some sort of restraining order on behalf of Ms. Witherspoon and her people. Ha ha! I promise I'm not some crazy creep, I just think she's a class act and absolutely adorable!

Now that I've shared my celebrity roomie with you, you've got to share your answer. 
Which celeb would you choose as a roommate, and why?

Happy Wednesday!

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  1. haha I loved this post, Reese really is great, good choice! It looks like you really took a lot of time making your roomie selection. I think if I had to pick a celeb to room with it would be Amy Poehler because Michael Buble and I would already living together after we're married haha

  2. Can I play with you and Reese? She and I are both Nashville gals after all, haha! This was beyond adorable! I think I'd want to live with Mindy Kaling or Tina Fey. Can we do double friend dates with you and Reese? :)

  3. My first impulse was Emma Stone. I think its the red hair (something I've always wondered about trying) & the dry humor. I love that your mom also asks random questions for car entertainment. Sam & I have a lot of driving under our belts over the years and that is one of my go to boredom fighters, topped only by my holiday season marathon of Christmas songs. Once I sang Christmas songs all the way home to Del Rio from San An. Sam is surprisingly tolerant of this.

  4. I love this! I'm thinking long and hard about who my roomie would be. Hmm.. so many delightful options. I'll get back to you!

  5. Oh, sweet tea is EEEEasy! It's more common than water down here. I think that Reese is an excellent choice! Mine would be Sela Ward, I think. She seems so fascinating.

  6. I say we throw one big celeb slumber party:) Sweet Tea for all!!! I could totally get along with Amy Poehler, Tina Fey, Mindy Kaling, etc. Sela Ward is an absolute sweetheart. She'd add a touch of class and sophistication for sure! Sounds like a blast.

    JoFu - Any idea as to who you'd pick??

  7. Haha, girl crush alert! Mine would deifnitely be Reese as well...I was just talking to my sis about that the other night!