Saturday, January 28, 2012

Tweedlee Dee!

I know you're excited about Monday's big reveal, and that's precisely the reason you need to follow me on Twitter. I feel as cool as Bravo king, Andy Cohen, these days. Do me a favor and pretend like we're in the clubhouse together taking a guzzlet of our favorite gimlet. I go on to tell you what three things I'm obsessed with, and then I launch into the following spiel...

Post on my Facebook wall.
Tweet me @onefineA.
(@BravoAndy has a better ring to it)
Call 1-877-33-BRAVO.
(Yes, I have that part of his script memorized at this point.)

Can't get enough of Andy's cuteness? 
Check out more of his signature facial expressions here.

Hope you're having a marvy weekend -- more Mazels and less jackholes!

P.S. I'm saving my inaugural tweet for Monday. It's going to be mayj! Extra brownie points to those who can offer any pointers. I still don't completely understand the whole hashtag thing and when it's appropriate to use. Are you on Twitter? How do I find you? Who else should I follow that's funny and informative? Okay, enough questions for now. I apologize if I lost you with my intensity, but that's the standard around here!
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  1. I can't wait for your very first tweet and to see what the surprise is! I'm excited!

  2. I think we already follow each other, but I like ZooeyD, Rainn Wilson, & the Ellen Show as funny celeb followings. Also, here's an official rundown of hashtags, or there are plenty of external sites with tips. Enjoy!

  3. following you... hope i don't miss the tweet!! hope you're having a great weekend!

  4. Thanks for the advice! Hope you're having a swell weekend:)