Thursday, July 12, 2012

Art I Heart: Joana Avillez

I awoke at 4:30 am today. Flyboy had an early local flight, so I decided to get up with him and play the role of supportive wife. Mind you, I use the word "supportive" lightly. I sauntered slowly around the house like a grumpy zombie. The irony of it all? As I stood in the kitchen making his breakfast and lunch, FB got on the iPad to read the daily news and to check out dear ol' bloggie. When I realized he was reading today's earlier post about happiness, I chuckled. I was being such a hypocrite. I was NOT happy to be up so stinkin' early. I worked out my early morning funk with my blender -- I made smoothies! Long story short, Flyboy left Lil' Puna around 5:20 am, and I did not see myself going back to bed. Once I'm up, I'm up! I figured I'd use the time to work on blog posts and respond to emails. I sat at my desk and sipped on coffee. The java didn't help me feel anymore lively. Thankfully, I came across these brilliant Joana Avillez illustrations of famous fashion icons. Talk about a perfect way to start the day with a creative spark of inspiration! Enjoy!

Happy Thursday!

Image Credits: Joana Avillez
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  1. Loving these illustrations! Isn't Iris the best?! I think you are a gorgeous/kind hearted wife to get up with him. :)

  2. Pretty much the best as far as illustrations go! Full of zip & zing:)

  3. Omggg! Love these illustrations!! Can totally see how these managed to wake you up ;)

  4. Love these illustrations they are amazing!!