Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Tuesday Ten

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This week's Ten Random Things is brought to you by Samantha Reddy from Reddy or Knot...
  1. I love to travel.  I blame it on the fact that I was flying before I was even born...my mom was a flight attendant in San Diego when she was pregnant with me!
  2. Virginia Tech was the only school I applied to so I was ecstatic when I got in early decision.  I just knew that was where I wanted to spend my four year.  Only catch--my first time ever visiting was during orientation, after I was already committed to going!  Luckily I was just as in love with the school as I knew I would be.  I actually cried the first time I saw the football stadium.  
  3. My entire closet at my parents' house is filled with formal dresses.  I went to six homecomings, five proms, and two Marine Corps balls (so far) and I just can't seem to part with any of the dresses.  Too many good memories!!
  4. I was the only girl in my sorority to also be a member of the math club.  Yep, I am a huge math nerd!
  5. My mom and I talk about reality TV celebrities on a first name basis, like we know them.  It is totally common for me to call her and say "Oh my gosh, did you hear that Vicky's daughter Briana is pregnant?!?" and her to say "No, but wonder how Donn feels.  By the way, did you see how much weight Lauren lost?"
  6. I moved ten times before the fourth grade.  I am currently getting ready to start another round of military moves.  We are crossing our fingers for Japan.
  7. In high school, Rob and I went to a Ben Folds concert.  When he played "The Luckiest", Rob said "If we get married, this should be our first dance song." I, of course, rolled my eyes and thought dream on, dude.  Five years later, it was obvious what song to pick for our first dance at our wedding.
  8. I will know I "made it" in the world when I have a reading nook in a window seat.  This has been my dream since I was little.
  9. I am obsessed with twins.  It is in my life plan to have twin girls.  I may or may not already have picked out their names.
  10. I might single-handedly keep the postal service in business.  I love good stationery and a surprise handwritten note in the mailbox.  I always know my mail lady by name.  I still have every letter my husband wrote me while he was at boot camp. 
Thanks for sharing, Samantha!
Be sure to bookmark Samantha's blog, Reddy or Knot. She has some amazing recipes that I'm just dying to try!
Oh, and that part about referencing Bravolebrities as BFFs? You had me at hello!

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I hope your Tuesday is terrific!
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  1. Shut up, wish i had 10 things cool enough about me to share to be featured! Loved this one, so going to check out her blog.

  2. Haha! I so loved her #5. I am the same way. In fact, I'm currently watching a RHOC marathon right now!

  3. I love summer and never try to wear anything special season until I found the special blog and I just like those style!