Monday, July 16, 2012

"The details are not the details. They make the design." -- Charles Eames
Well hello, Monday... we meet again! While most weeks I despise you, this week I'm happy to welcome a fresh start. I spent most of last week trying to get ahead of my to-do list. There were emails that began to collect dust, blog entries to be planned, work to be completed, and exercise that needed to be a priority. I feel like a broken record, but I swear I used to dominate my to-do lists. Do you ever feel this way? Time management and finding a balance came so easy to me -- I mean, my sister calls me Type-A(shley) for a reason! These days, this title feels a little unearned, and I'm left feeling slightly overwhelmed. I get frustrated with myself because I want to do it all. There aren't enough hours in the day to do everything; therefore, I must prioritize.
I've realized that my routine when Flyboy is away is entirely different than when he's home. I thrive in both situations, but it's the switching gears part that doesn't come easy to this "Fish sticks on Friday" gal. What can I say? I'm working on it! Maybe one day I'll get quicker at transitioning... For now, I'm blessed to be busy and eager to conquer this juggling act, if that's even possible! Of course, that's when a fizzy gimlet or a colorful pair of flats come in handy -- they seem to always paint a ginormous grin on this mug!

And while I'm on the topic of things that make me happy, take a peek at a few moments that left me feeling smitten this past week...

Washi Tape at Tar-jay? Don't mind if I do. // Wise Words: Create more.
Putting that Washi Tape to good use in my planner. // Polka dots are the happiest pattern.
Running errands with color. // Oh, just another reason I love my mom! Color is the new neutral, don't you know?
Lately, it's been hard for me to part with my beaded Anthro clutch. It's so happy! // Color, baubles, and texture. Oh my!
A snail mail gift from my mom. // Afternoon jaunts up and down the hill to get mail and take out the trash.
Weekend beach excursions with Flyboy. // I'm pickin' up good libations... Limonata + Gin = Perfection
Life father, like daughter: FB and Beesly out by 6:30 pm. // "I guess some weren't cut out for life on the road." -- Dumb & Dumber
These Hydrangeas have been alive and kicking for 2.5 weeks. I can't believe it! // Fresh Rainier Cherries are the best snack ever!
Well, there you have it...
Just some of the latest and greatest happenings over at Lil' Puna.

Have a marvy Monday, my dears!
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  1. What is Washi tape? It looks thick and durable...? Do you use it to highlight things in your planner?

    Just curious. :)

  2. hi,

    I was wondering if there;s a place to get that print "dont waste time looking for your style" I just LOVE it!



  3. Kristin - Washi tape is great for crafts, decorating, gift wrapping, etc. I use it in my planner to highlight appointments and whatnot. The possibilities are endless:)

  4. Rosa,
    Lindsay Letters is the name of the shop and blog that created the print. I'm sure you could contact her about buying the print. I don't think she has it available in her shop yet. Here's her info:


    I might trying emailing her today to see if she plans on selling the print at some point.

  5. I know what you mean on constantly trying to catch up... Have a nice one!

  6. Definitely a creator of imaginative-ness with the highlighter washi-tape! Love that idea!!:) Also, your IG feed was so much fun this week!! Hope your week calms down a little bit

  7. Got to love some washi tape! I spy a Sarah Pinto planner? They are the best, I love mine ;)