Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Tuesday Ten

Learn a thing or two about my dear friend, Kim!
And while you're at it, you should check out her witty blog ramblings here.
10 Random Facts: Kim DeMass
Kim is a fellow military spouse whose current residence is jolly ol' England...
  • Cooking for people makes me anxious – very anxious. Except for family – they always have to love me, even if it sucks. I always catch myself making excuses when I cook for others. I think the perfectionist in me is never truly satisfied with my cooking.
  • I am doomed to diabetes because sugar and I are not-so-secret lovers. We meet everyday. And because I think every meal should have a dessert….or be a dessert if it’s breakfast. I'm slightly better at this (or am trying to be), but I also love carbs, mostly in the form of bread or sweet breads - puddings, as they are called in the UK.
  • I think toasters are completely pointless. They can’t do anything that a toaster oven can’t, but they don’t make toast. You know, cheese toast, butter toast, cinnamon toast. Toaster ovens, people, toaster ovens! The UK does not have toaster ovens - I'm adjusting.
  • I love puma shoes! I just bought a new pair for work – they have lime green accents. I found out today that I have to wear all-white shoes to work. Oh well, I guess I’ll have to buy another pair in white!
  • I’m terrible at girlie things – especially doing hair and makeup and being crafty. I might be getting better, but I might be lying to myself.
  • My dog’s full name is Jackson Henry DeMass. He is a Vizsla, and he is my child.
  • I love to buy people presents! I also have the worst time keeping people’s presents a secret; I just get so excited about surprises. Kristen Wiig does a pretty great impersonation of me on SNL – see the clip hereI seriously get great amounts of joy & excitement from buying someone an awesome present. Something they didn't think to ask for or is perfect for them or they really wanted but wasn't easily obtainable. I get so excited that I usually end up giving it early or giving it away. I can't hold it in. I should start wearing turtlenecks to cover my mouth with. 
  • My mind does not process big things in a timely manner, so I never have the appropriate emotional response at big occasions. For example, the last day of the honeymoon I looked at my husband with a big smile and said “Hey, we’re married!!!”   still emotionally inappropriate/delayed.
  • I can be ridiculously indecisive.
  • I am a multiple-choice test slayer  just ask the ACT. 

Thanks for sharing, Kim! Putting this post together made me miss you like crazy cakes.

Interested in sharing your 10 Random Facts?

Happy Tuesday!
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  1. Oh Kim, we all miss you like crazy cakes! And you ARE getting better at being crafty and girly, don't fool yourself.

  2. Well, thank ya! This just reminds me how much of a spazz I am! Need to slow down & get myself together at some point. Just not this week because I'm going to the Olympics twice :)

  3. Love this -- What a great list! And totally agree about the toasters -- although that green one is pretty fab!

  4. Fabulous list and I am right there with you being doomed to diabetes if a meal doesn't have dessert or is a dessert then well it just isn't a meal at all, right? Love Kim's blog thanks for introducing me to it!