Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A Delightful DIY

I'm always surprised when people assume that I'm crafty. I'm not, but I do like to buy things other people make. Does that count? If a DIY can be completed in under ten minutes and I can achieve the finished product while still being rammy, I'll make an attempt. However, if there's a lot of time and patience involved, I'd rather just leave it to the pros. I guess that's why I have a shiny sewing machine sitting in our office; she's barely been touched. Oops! As if that little tidbit isn't embarrassing enough, sometime over the past year or so, I've developed a strong liking for gold glitter. It's as though Liberace has invaded my body. Does this DIY make sense now? My polka-dot pumpkins are both simple and sparkly -- just the sort of festive fall touch that Lil' Puna was missing!

  1. Assemble your materials: pumpkin(s), glue, an old plastic lid or palette, foam spouncer, and glitter. I opted for gold, natch!
  2. Cover your workspace with garbage bags, butcher paper, or newspaper. Be prepared for glitter to get everywhere, and I do mean EVERYWHERE! I don't care how nice and tidy you think you are.
  3. Pour some glue onto an old plastic lid or a palette. 
  4. Use a foam spouncer or round sponge and dip into the glue. Load the spouncer/sponge with just enough glue that it's not runny -- just as you might load a brush with paint.
  5.  Press the glue-covered spouncer down on the pumpkin firmly to create glue polka dots. If needed, go back and blot some more glue over the circles you've already created. 
  6. Once you've placed your dots of glue all over the pumpkin, get out your glitter and let the sprinkling action begin. Note: You may have to rotate the pumpkin and scoop up excess glitter to ensure each dot is evenly covered. In this case, the more glitter, the better!
  7. After each dot is covered with glitter, let the glue dots dry completely. You might be eager to see the finished product, but it's best to let the glitter and glue set. (This was more of a reminder for me.)
  8. Once the glue has dried, take a dry rag and dust off the excess glitter.
  9. Stand back and beam at the finished product. Snazzy, isn't she?

Happy Tuesday!
P.S. This post taught me three things: 1.) It's difficult to type up DIY instructions that actually make sense. I hope this makes sense! 2.) After Googling "round sponge brush thing," I learned the actual term is spouncer. Fun to say, won't you agree? 3.) I created my pumpkins over a week ago and I'm still finding glitter in my soup, on my cheeks, and in the dog's fur. Needless to say, it's a party up on Puna! 
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  1. they look SO CUTE!
    you were so much smarter than i am. i used my finger for dots for my gold dotted pumpkin...like a kindergartener. FAIL. love these, lady!

  2. Cute! And 'spouncer'?! It's just fun to say!