Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Crew & Color

by Franz Kline
I stumbled upon this colorful and abstract gem by Franz Kline yesterday and my heart started racing. What was it about this expressionistic piece that got me so twitterpated? Moments later I found myself on J.Crew's website -- that's typically how my mind wanders while I'm killing time online. I guess I was plotting the execution of my next purchase and the use of my birthday dough. It occurred to me that many of the same colors used by Kline in this painting appeared in J.Crew's latest collection. I promise to curb my Crew discussion for awhile, but I plan on seeing these new arrivals firsthand today and I couldn't be more excited! Do you have any favorites?

A few of my favorite pieces...
Garment Dyed Matchstick Denim (My prayers have been answered!)

Wish me luck! I'm off to spend my wad.
Happy Tuesday!
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  2. totally agree that the new J. Crew collection is TO DIE FOR. i think my friends and family are on the brink of staging an intervention, I'm obsessing over it so much. as always, love your picks :)