Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Need Read Greed

I've long been a fan of Mackenzie Horan's blog, Design Darling, and I was absolutely delighted when she launched her online boutique earlier this year. As if this gal isn't busy enough, she's also a writer for one of my favorite online magazines, Matchbook. I was thrilled to the gills when she agreed to share her Need Read Greed selection with us.

  • Need: Is it wrong to need something from my own boutique? These cosmetic cases have been a life-saver for weekend trips this fall. The big bag keeps shampoo, conditioner, and a toothbrush separate from the makeup I store in the smaller bag. And a little leopard print never hurt anybody!
  • Read: I'm working my way through Jane Austen's novels as part of my 101 in 1001 list. While I love my local library, I'm dying to invest in the pretty clothbound versions! Wouldn't they make fun souvenirs of my list? I'm talking myself into it already ;)
  • Greed: Is it so much to ask that my hair look like this when I get out of bed in the morning? I am doing constant battle with my unruly mane and this picture of Kate Beckinsale stopped me in my tracks. The perfect waves! No frizz! Kate, what's your secret?!
Thanks for sharing, Mackenzie! You're absolutely adorable.

Interested in sharing your Need Read Greed?

Have a swell Wednesday!

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  1. Those cosmetic bags are just too cute!!

  2. As if I don't already have ombre hair envy...that picture of kate beckinsale is flawless!


  3. I love buying those awesome books for my sister: she's such a classic reader! And that hair...flawless!