Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Art I Heart: Danielle Kroll

About six months after I started blogging, I stumbled upon Danielle Kroll's blog and quickly became fascinated by her spunky illustrations. During this time, Flyboy was deployed and I found so much delight in her colorful artwork. It was one of those discoveries that I remember so vividly; it felt like it was meant to be! At a time that seemed so mundane, I distinctly remember the joy her work brought me. One post in particular had me incredibly jazzed. Danielle told her readers that she'd mail them one of her custom-designed Christmas cards if they contacted her with their mailing address. I jumped at the opportunity and emailed her my info. When that special piece of snail mail arrived, I squealed, put it in a frame, and added it to our gallery wall. It was happiness sealed in an envelope, and Danielle will probably never know how much that sweet gesture meant to me. Since that magical note card arrived at Lil' Puna, I've continued to follow Danielle and it's been fun to watch her work pop up at some of my favorite stores (think Anthropologie and Land of Nod) and publications. It's clear that I have mad love for this playful designer, and I just figured it was time that I profess my adoration on m' blog. She's clever and creative — I know you'll be smitten!

P.S. Years ago, I bought my first Curly Girl Design print and my love affair with Leigh's witty and whimsical work began. You can only imagine my excitement when she approached me about guest blogging. Eek! That's right, it's Ms. Fine's Finds. Someone PINCH ME! Take a look at my summer essentials: http://bit.ly/17AhOs6.
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