Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Currently Coveting

You'll have to forgive me, but ever since the Need Read Greed series fizzled, I haven't had the foggiest idea as to what I should post on Wednesdays. Lately, it's been a bit of a wild card. And while that's okay, I'd like to have some sort of theme. I'm sure my fellow bloggers understand — it's just nice to have some structure when it comes to blog planning. In fact, I think the readers appreciate it as well! I still haven't decided on anything. I think I keep hoping for some sort of epic idea to come to mind at the most random moment. Sadly, that's yet to be the case. If any one's got input or some groundbreaking idea, I'm all ears. For now, I'm going to share another set of fabulous finds in the most cheerful and colorful way I know how. I know you don't mind, but I wanted you to be aware that the creative wheels are turning and something great is on the horizon. Please standby as I continue to brainstorm.

Today's colorful batch of covetables includes:
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