Monday, July 1, 2013


Aloha Maui: Pineapple // Panama Hat // Swimsuit // Fruity Drink // Lobster iPhone Case // Beach Tote //
Sea Salt Spray // Sun Bum SPF // Sunnies // Lip Balm // Beach Towel // Flip Flops // Book // Journal // Essie Clambake
As you've probably already gathered, I'm taking the week off. That's right, it's a bloggie vacation! Can you hear me shouting with excitement from the tiptop of Lil' Puna?! We plan to hop around Oahu and take a quick trip to Maui. There will be all sorts of touristy shenanigans, and I'll probably reek of suntan lotion and Gin. Do me a favor and have a fabulous week! We'll catch up after the 4th of July holiday. Go on and indulge and imbibe m' dears!
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