Monday, July 22, 2013

Monday Moodboard

Happy Monday, sweet readers! I created today's post with the intent to surround myself with as much happy as humanly possible. I guess that's kind of the point of this little ol' blog, and it's also one of the main reasons many of you stop by devotedly. So why is it that I feel the need to reiterate this, you ask? Well, when I started blogging, I posted for ME. I like to think that's the way it should be; however, after awhile a little community started to form and it's been bloggie bliss. As a result, I also blog with YOU in mind. Your kindness and support mean so much to me; it's the very least I could do! As a group of like-minded people, it never feels like a chore. Chances are, we're all smitten with the same artist and we're drooling over the same chocolate-peanut butter delicacy or handbag.

One of the reasons I hesitated to create a blog for so long dealt mainly with the fact that putting yourself out there isn't easy. Once you hit the magic publish button, your work is out there for others to dissect and judge. While this feeling is valid, it's not enough of a reason to NEVER take the plunge and go for something. Overall, I've received a warm and cheerful welcoming in the blogosphere, but that doesn't mean that there hasn't been criticism over the past two years. As someone who'd like to believe she's tough like a little Bulldog (think Caroline Manzo on RHONJ), I'm more of a tender heart than I'd like to admit. On Saturday morning, I was reminded of my sensitive side when I woke up and read an email with 'feedback' I just couldn't shake off. I wish I could describe myself as thick-skinned; however, the individual's two-cents really got to me. It was enough to ruin my entire day. I know that sounds dramatic, but just when I thought I was over it, the idea of someone emailing me like this got me riled up once more. Who does that? This is my little corner of happy. When I say "Hello, Sunshine!", I mean it. I would never try to steal someone else's joy at the expense of giving my own aesthetic input regarding blog design and layout.

The beautiful thing about the blogosphere is that there are a gazillion other blogs you can visit to satisfy your aesthetic, interests, and viewpoints. If pom-pom trim and stationery aren't quite your thing, I get it. A splash of hot pink and a crystal-encrusted collar aren't for everyone. You do you. Around here, I get to wear my Washi tape crown and sprinkle stripes and polka-dots wherever my heart desires. That's the very reason I call it One Fine Day.

How about a little visual sunshine to help set the tone for the week?
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