Monday, March 31, 2014


"The details are not the details. They make the design." — Ray Eames
Hey, y'all! That phrase still doesn't sound natural when I say it, but I figured it was worth a whirl. When in Texas, right?!

All silliness aside, how are YOU? After being MIA for the past week or so, I thought it was time for me to pop in and give you the lowdown on what we've been up to. It honestly wouldn't be a military-style move unless we tried to cram as much stuff as possible into a 10-day period of time. I think we must get a rush out of it or something. Anywho, Flyboy graduated from his training course on time, so we loaded the pups in The Rig and headed from Texas to Missouri for a few days. Woo Hoo! While our stay was brief, we got some quality time with my sister and in-laws. It's always nice to see their smiling faces, even if it's only for a few days. From Missouri, Flyboy and I jetted off to Washington D.C. to see my parents. He'd never visited them out there, and I was itching for an opportunity to hug my mom and dad and laugh until my sides hurt. It was a success! After our trip to the Beltway, we flew back to Missouri and prepared for our journey to Swell Rio. Flyboy's truck had been stored in MO while we were in San Antone, so it was time for us to caravan both vehicles from Missouri to Texas. The entire trip takes about 18 hours, and since both of us were driving separately we split the journey into two days. Phew! That was probably the longest distance I've ever driven, and I'm SO glad that Flyboy typically does all the driving. While I prefer to be a wing man/navigator/source of moral support, the trip allowed me the opportunity to listen to obscene lyrics, play with the bass, and watch Tripp and Beesly's silhouettes move around in the back seat of Flyboy's truck. That's not so bad, if I do say so m'self, but I'm really glad it's OVER!

After our trek across the state of Texas, we finally arrived at Swell Rio. On Friday, our household goods were delivered, Internet and cable were installed, and the pups had their annual appointments. See what I mean about cramming as much into a day as possible? If you looked up the definition of GSD (get shit done), you would have seen our pictures. I'm sure of it! All this productivity was equal parts invigorating and stressful. We crossed tasks off our list, but we are still swimming in a pool of daunting to-dos and stacks of cardboard boxes. I have a feeling it might be like this for awhile! But that's what makes moving fun, right?!

Not much has changed since we left this base (Laughlin AFB) three years ago. Ha Ha! What else would you expect from Swell Rio? If anything, being here again makes us nostalgic for the dear friends we made while we were here for Flyboy's undergraduate pilot training. Oh, and we kind of miss the base housing unit we had before. All of our stuff fit perfectly! This new place has presented oodles of challenges that seem to push my creative buttons into overdrive. I've sobbed incessantly, shook my head countless times at the sight of all our stuff. We're both looking forward to the day we can sit down and feel somewhat settled. I'm sure it'll happen soon! On the bright side, my mom and sister are coming to visit in a few weeks and I can't wait to pick their decorative minds for a little inspiration. Hallelujah! Since I have my work cut out for me, I'm going to take the next few days off from the blog world to get my real life into order. I toyed around with the idea of blogging every day this week, but for my own sanity, I think it's best that I keep trudging through the last of the boxes and make this place feel like home. I promise I'll get back to the ol' routine soon! I appreciate your continued support and words of encouragement. It means so VERY much to me!

  • Throughout all the moving, Big Tex was a priority. He's still kicking, and rode alongside me in the passenger seat.
  • My mom and I had a "Treat Yo Self!" moment and visited the Drybar in Georgetown. Who doesn't love a little pampering?!
  • Seeing my sister play "Yankee Doodle" on her new banjo was life changing. Isn't she a-dorable?!
  • We made a pit stop in Baltimore to visit our fave store, Trohv. If you're ever in the D.C. or Baltimore area, you MUST visit!
  • My mom has the BEST style. I couldn't help but drool all over her fabulous Juju hat. I think I need one. Stat!
  • Pardon my French, but the letterpress note card is EXACTLY how I felt when I turned down Hwy. 90 to Swell Rio. Yikes!
  • Pardon me while I have a moment. I about fainted when I realized THE Mrs. Lilien is following me on Instagram.
  • We christened our move to Swell Rio with a trip to Rudy's. Their jumbo smoked potato is EVERYTHING!

Alright, enough about me. How the heck are you? Do me a favor and tell me something that's been going on with you. Pretty please!
P.S. If you emailed me over the past 10 days, I plan to take time this week to respond. I promise!
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