Thursday, March 13, 2014


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THINKING ABOUT: We had to move the stuff from our apartment to a temporary storage unit. As I packed everything, I couldn't help but wonder how we accumulated SO much stuff in just 5.5 months. Unpacking is going to be a real party! Invites are in the mail.

FEELING: I have moments where I'm elated about settling down at our next place, but I also get panicked about how everything is going to fit. I'm someone who loves to see quick results. I can't relax until everything is ideal (or my idea of perfection). I'll unpack, decorate, organize, and zhoosh until it's done. Well, I've been looking at the new floor plan and I think this place will take some work. In my mind, I've already rearranged the house a gazillion times. I can tell we're going to need to update some of our furniture pieces to accommodate the space. Because Swell Rio is pretty remote and about 3 hours from San Antone, I know I'm going to have to be patient. I'm going to have to let go of the idea that I can do it all right away. I'm sure this will be good for me, but weeks ahead of moving in, I'm already in a tizzy. Maybe this is just my way of preparing myself for what's to come... Patience, right?!

READING: Loved Joy Cho's job advice on I'm pretty jazzed about the debut of her Target line this Sunday, March 16th. You know I'll show up at our local store with bells on. After all, my days of living near a Target are numbered—time to whoop it up!

EATING: I can't seem to get enough Granny Smith Apple slices paired with Pepper Jack Cheese. Emptying the refrigerator and pantry this past week has led to some creative snacking. I guess the pairing satisfies the salty and sweet side of things. 

WATCHING: We haven't discussed this season of How I Met Your Mother, have we?! We're just a few weeks away from the series finale and I'm so confused. I've always wanted Ted and Robin to get together. I had a theory about how the story would work in my favor, but it kind of flopped when they continued to develop the character of The Mother. Recently, they did some foreshadowing that left Flyboy and I scratching our heads. This season has been a bit slow, but that doesn't mean the finale won't be bittersweet. I want to fast forward and find out what happens already, but like any great show, there will definitely be a void once it's gone.

LISTENING TO: iTunes radio keeps me company as I scrub the tub and oven. The pups are at the kennel and this place is so quiet without them. I'm already looking forward to our reunion and we dropped them off on Tuesday. Can you say attached?!

THANKFUL FOR: Weeks like this make me grateful for laughter. I can always rely on Flyboy for a healthy dose of comic relief.

LOVING: The Definitive Ranking of Every 'Real Housewife' Ever—why didn't I come up with this list? I think they got it right because I kept shaking my head in agreement, felt a little bit nostalgic, and giggled over the hilarious GIFs. If you're a Bravo buff, you'll die!

What about you? How are you feeling today? What are you up to?
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