Tuesday, March 4, 2014


Love Birch Cuff courtesy of Uncommon Goods
After consistently creating blog content for the past 2.5 years, it was only a matter of time before collaborative opportunities would start coming my way. Hooray! However, most bloggers will tell you that for every dozen emails you receive with the most outlandish offers, there's eventually an opportunity that makes you giddy. That's precisely how I felt when Uncommon Goods reached out to me a month ago and asked if I would review one of their products. I responded with an emphatic "Yes!" and proceeded to pick out a piece of jewelry I'd been eyeing for quite some time—the Love Birch Cuff, handmade by artist Nancy Nelson.

Once my Uncommon Goods gift arrived in the mail, I couldn't tear it open fast enough. The opportunity alone made me feel like a fancy-schmancy blogger, and I was eager to see what the cuff looked like. I was beyond ecstatic! Upon catching a glimpse of the cute packaging inside, my ravenous approach turned into a dainty and methodical unveiling. I had to take a moment and just stare at the kraft cuteness and adorable twine. I pressed pause on Ashley's rammy mode and soaked up the loveliness in front of me. If the cuff turned out to be half as delightful as the presentation, then I'd be pleased as punch. Once I worked up the courage to remove the twine and open the box, I was instantly smitten. So many of my baubles are very colorful and ornate, but the Love Birch Cuff is simple. I'm especially drawn to the irregular shape and texture, which Nelson creates whenever she hand casts the brass band from real birch bark that she's collected. How cool is that? I have a feeling this is going to be one of those pieces I wear on repeat. It makes a statement on its own and looks darling stacked alongside other bracelets and bangles.

While I don't plan to make product reviews a habit on One Fine Day, the collaboration with Uncommon Goods felt like a great fit because I've purchased many gifts from their site and I've regularly included their merchandise in my Gift Guides. What I love most about Uncommon Goods is the variety of unique designs and the company's commitment to supporting artisans. If I'm ever in a pinch and I'm clueless as to what to give someone, I inevitably browse their website. You're bound to find something quirky and fun!

 P.S. Remember that Gin Kit I mentioned awhile back? The one my father-in-law gave my parents for Christmas, and I included a picture of my dad hard at work?! You can find that on the Uncommon Goods website, too! See, there's something for everyone.
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