Wednesday, July 2, 2014


"Roses from my garden."
"Ranunculus from the West 28th Street flower market."
"Dahlias from the Angel tube station flower stall."
"Roses from the West 28th Street flower market."
"Cosmos from Debby's garden."
"Dahlias from a farmers' market."
I imagine you've seen Leanne Shapton's illustrations floating around on Pinterest. Or perhaps you'd recognize her work, which has been featured at Anthropologie in this postcard set (a visual feast, my friends), and on this book cover?! Did a little light bulb just go off? That's what I thought. After yesterday's appointment and a slew of errands, I was pretty exhausted. While some folks re-energize with a nap, I typically opt for some online browsing. Explorations on Tuesday led me to more of Shapton's work, specifically "A Month of...," a series about life's minor notes and quotidian details. What's not to love about that?! While Leanne's series was originally featured in the New York Times back in 2011, I loved revisiting her illustrations. "Tuesday Blooms" and "Wednesday Patterns" are my favorites visually; however, I found "Monday Shower Songs" to be incredibly quirky and entertaining. I hope I've piqued your interest. You must check this series out! After clicking through the slideshows and reading some of the image descriptions, I couldn't help but feel inspired and encouraged by Shapton's artwork. Living in a place like Swell Rio has its moments, and I feel as though I have to actively work to find delight in the mundane. I'm totally up for the challenge, but some days it's easier than others. Shapton's watercolors and sketches are proof that beauty is everywhere. We just have to look around.

 If you were going to illustrate a recurring detail from your weekly routine, what would it be? This could be a fun blog or Instagram series. Who's with me?! I'm not entirely sure what I'd choose just yet, but I'll be on the lookout. Oh, the hashtag possibilities...

For more of Leanne's work, visit her website here.
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