Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Q&A: Questions & Ashley

Over the past few weeks, I've received a handful of emails and they've all shared the same request. "Where do you buy all of your stationery?" Um, do you have an hour?! After compiling a letterpress list for a few dear readers, I figured it was time to share m' favorites in the form of a blog post. I apologize for getting all GIF happy this past week, but there are honestly too many cute cards to feature and I figured it was the best way for me to share a few I really adore. Now, on to the list... You down?!

  • Sugar Paper // If I had to choose my all-time fave paperie, it would have to be this one. No question about it.
  • Rifle Paper Co. // The first time I really splurged on pretty paper was during college and I owe the addiction to Rifle. 
  • 1Canoe2 // My love for 1Canoe2 needs no explanation. Remember that time I visited their studio?! Holy swoon!
  • Kate Spade New York // I sometimes feel like Kate Spade stationery is designed with me in mind. Can you say delirious?!
  • 9th Letter Press // How can so much whimsical goodness be packed into one website?! Eek, I love it!
  • Idlewild Co. // I've already added a few of their prints to my collection, now it's time to stock up on note sets.
  • Thimblepress // Who couldn't use a doodle hug?! I don't mind sending or receiving cards designed by Kristen Ley.
  • Quill & Fox // This is definitely one of my favorites on Etsy. It's usually my go-to for Valentine's Day and Easter.
  • Pei Design // If I want to feel Parisian chic, I can rely on Pei Design for inspiration. That's kind of a paper must, right?
  • Brim Papery // A recent addition to my list of faves, I simply adore this note set. Donna Meagle, eat your heart out.
  • Sycamore Street Press // Such a delicate array of type and design. The art prints are just as lovely.
  • Ashkahn // Absolutely hilarious! Prepare to giggle hysterically at the cheeky collection. Emphasis on CHEEKy.
  • Moglea // When I dream about designing letterpress, I can't help but hope it looks something like Meg Gleason's work.
  • Dear Hancock // Ever since I laid eyes on this birthday card, I've been hooked! What's not to love about a gigantic cake?
  • Parrott Design Studio // If I was going to send snail mail to Flyboy, I'd definitely send this card.
  • The Social Type // I blame my obsession on the gold foil and lovely script.
  • Hello! Lucky // If you're looking to add a few "Thanks and Blanks" to your stationery collection, look no further.
  • Egg Press // Seriously the sweetest selection of illustrations circulating around the Interwebs. One of each, puh-leez!
  • Blackbird Letterpress // The animal diecut cards are precious. You must see for yourself. 
  • Anemone Letterpress // I've been known to hoard most of the cards I've purchased from this shop. Oops!
  • Emily McDowell // Witty words and colorful illustrations. Browse Emily's work and you'll find yourself snorting.  
  • Yes Ma'am // Erica Loesing's designs are so simple and chic. I still need to snag these striped postcards.
  • Hello Small World // Such a cheerful selection of note cards. I wish I would have found this one back in February...
  • Printerette Press // Their custom designs make my heart skip a beat. Birth announcements, anyone?!
  • Ma and Grandy // Another Aussie stationery company that I adore. Remember my ode to the shop here?!
  • Hammerpress // I can't get enough of the bright patterns and vintage looking designs. These badges are super cute!
  • Mr. Boddington's Studio // I usually end up purchasing Christmas cards from here every year.
  • Fig. 2 Design // This is what happens with Kate Spade and Sugar Paper collide. Yeah, it's wicked good.
  • Ladyfingers Letterpress // I recently professed my love here. For the record, I'm still just as smitten.
  • Ferme à Papier // Cat Sato manages to illustrate small celebrations beautifully. Her collection of paper is brilliant!
  • Little Low // In search of local Texas letterpress options, I clicked my heels when I found this one from Austin.
  • A. Favorite Design // They have a card for EVERY occasion. I'm not even kidding about this one. 
  • The Great Lakes // If your BFF had time to doodle and create cards, I'm sure she'd design something like this.
  • La Familia Green // Alright, alright, alright... If this Matthew McConaugHEY card doesn't get you, I don't know what will.
  • Lady Pilot Letterpress // Another amusing website that will leave you chuckling at the comical selection.
  • Steel Petal Press // Because cursing doesn't count when it's printed in fancy script. That's letterpress logic.

I apologize in advance for the lack of organization to m' list. When I get excited, it's hard for me to categorize my thoughts in any systematic way. Pretty paper seems to have that effect on me. I'm certain I've missed a few of my favorites, but I plan to add to this list as I think of them. We'll consider this a good starting place. Enjoy and happy browsing!

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