Thursday, July 24, 2014


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THANKFUL FOR: As the Swell Rio temps continue to rise and my belly continues to grow, I've found I have fewer wardrobe options than I'd prefer. Thankfully, a few trips to Target and Gap with my mom and sister restored my faith in getting dressed during the third trimester. Hallelujah! While I tried to find pieces locally at Marshalls and Ross, I always seemed to strike out. The stores here are so picked over, and I came awfully close to making some really bad choices out of desperation. For shame! I'm so grateful to have had them around for moral support and honest opinions in the dressing room. Phew! I think I came home with a handful of tops and dresses that will help me survive this Texas summer as stylishly as possible with a love goblin growing inside me.   

EATING: Remember the part in Tuesday's post where I mentioned I ate A LOT of really great food last week?! Well, bouncing back from eight days of overindulgence hasn't been easy. My aunt had so many tasty treats readily available, and each night since I returned home I've found myself standing at the pantry or refrigerator just praying one of those cookies or a slice of cake would magically reappear in Swell Rio. Le sigh. In an effort to keep my sweet tooth in check, I got a box of Tangerine and Carrot Popsicles. At 60 calories a bar, I satisfy my need for an evening treat and they remind me of my cousin's little girl, Lucy, who snacked on one of these "carrot bars" every night while we visited. After trying them, I can see why she's hooked—although, I still prefer a cookie...

WATCHING: I have a confession. I tuned in to the season finale of Real Housewives of New York City and I may have rewinded the part where Aviva slams her prosthetic leg on the table at least five or six times (watch clip here). I've been waiting for this moment all season. The expressions were priceless, especially Kristen's gasp. Andy Cohen, where do you find these people? Because I love it.  

FEELING: Back in April, my mom, sister, and I discussed our plans to visit Iowa this summer. I guess I knew the closer we got to our reunion in July, the closer we'd be to October and Max's impending arrival. For months I looked forward to seeing my family, but saying good-bye last week was especially hard because it meant the next time I saw them things would be different. So much of me is excited and curious about life with a little one; however, I still can't help but fear change. The night before I left Iowa, I laid in bed with my mom and I couldn't help but cry. It seems like every time we've parted over the past year, I've been anxious about something (moving, pregnancy, etc.). Just once I'd like to hug her good-bye and feel really confident about the direction in which my life is headed. Is that too much to ask? Ha Ha! If nothing else, couldn't I just try and fake it?? But I guess that's the thing about my mom, she has a way of exposing the most honest and vulnerable side of me. She gets me like no other.  

THINKING ABOUT: A little over a year ago, I bought this bright pink NARS blush. I couldn't get over the gorgeous color, but I knew if applied incorrectly it could be a disaster. Naturally, I turned to my makeup guru cousin for some tips. She suggested I apply the pigmented blush with this Yachiyo Kabuki Brush. I searched high and low for this fancy little tool and whenever I asked for help at Sephora or Nordstrom, I received nothing but looks of confusion. On a whim, I found it on my own and immediately added it to my brush collection. Now, a year later, I finally know how to use it properly. Ridiculous, isn't it?! While I was back in Iowa, I asked my cousin for some help and she broke it down into three simple steps: "Swirl. Tap. Bounce." It's been a week since I was enlightened and my mind is still blown. Swirl. Tap. Bounce. What's not to love about that?

LISTENING TO: Yesterday around 2:30 pm, I heard a door slam and Beesly started to bark. I was seated at my desk writing thank-you notes when I looked up to see Flyboy was home for a quick two-hour break in between flights. Say what?! This never happens. When he left Wednesday morning, I hadn't planned on seeing him again until around 9 o'clock that evening. Hooray for unexpected surprises! Some days can feel painfully long around here, so it was really nice to spend time together and break up the monotony.

READING: I wish I was sharing some fabulous article or quote with you this week; however, any free time I have right now is spent reading customer reviews. Mind you, it's not about fun stuff like snazzy matte lipstick or a miracle face wash. Nope. It's most likely a review about baby strollers or breast pumps. My goodness, why are there SO many options?! I think my brain might explode. Because I could use all the help I can get, feel free to weigh in with any bebe-related products that you prefer. It's greatly appreciated!

LOVING: For as long as I can remember, my dad has donned a pair of black Ray-Ban Wayfarer Sunglasses. These shades are synonymous with my father—they're classic Randy! One of the first gifts I opened at the baby shower was from my parents. I can only assume it was picked out by my mom; however, it was inspired by my pops. I looked inside the gift bag to find a baseball cap,
a navy polo, and a pair of miniature shades. I couldn't help but grin and sniffle at first sight. This little ensemble is the perfect ode to my dear dad. I can't wait to see Max and his Gampy in their matching outfits. Gah, it's going to be flipping a-dorable!

Enough about me. How are you feeling today? What are you up to? Thanks for stopping by!!
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