Thursday, July 10, 2014


THANKFUL FOR: When my in-laws visited this past holiday weekend, they agreed to take our convertible sofa with them and store it in Missouri. We originally planned to use the piece in Max's nursery, but the room ended up being a lot smaller than we'd hoped. Now that it's out of the way, I'm really pumped to start decorating. Eek, it's no longer just a storage room! Oh, and Flyboy has volunteered to buzz up to Austin after he drops me off at the airport this Saturday to pick up a few items at Ikea. Oh, how I love that guy! While I don't want to wish my time in Iowa away, I'm really excited that I have such fun tasks to return to.  

EATING: Last time I filled you in on my fruit affinity, it was ALL about cherries. Well, these days I can't get enough grapes. We've been going through multiple bags each week. I realize it's not the healthiest of fruits (gobs of sugar), but they're stinkin' delicious!

WATCHING: I've fallen hard for America's sweetheart. You guessed it! I'm talking about the Pop-Tart loving groundskeeper on this season of Big Brother. I'm smitten with Donny. Who's with me?! At first I was a bit skeptical and couldn't help but wonder if it was all an act. But after several episodes, it's clear this guy is sweeter than the sun tea he's used to sipping in his home state of North Carolina. He's got this child-like sincerity and oozes with kindness. You can't help but adore him!

FEELING: After last week's Blogaversary, I couldn't help but ride a high from all your feedback and encouragement. That being said, I sometimes wonder if One Fine Day has an expiration date. I can't help but question how this blog will fit into my life after Max arrives. I know for sure that this space brings me oodles of joy, but there are a lot of blogs out there that are very similar to mine. Just when I think I've created something that I feel is original to me, I see an image or graphic that reminds me I have to work harder to stay on top of my creative game. It's like I get slapped in the face and someone says "Hey, what you're doing isn't all that special or different!" While I love a good challenge and believe in pushing myself, it gets a tad bit disheartening and sucks some of the inspiration out of me. Next week, I'll be taking a break from the blog while I spend quality time with my family in the Midwest. I'm hoping some time away from staged Instagram photos and affiliate links will allow me the opportunity to recharge and focus on the joy this space brings me rather than the competitive side of bloggie mania.

THINKING ABOUT: In Swell Rio, there are three OBGYN doctors. I will most likely only meet mine twice—once in about a month and then again on D-Day. In the meantime, I am being seen on a regular basis by my nurse practitioner. This particular lady is a real hoot! A little (okay, a lot) nutty myself, I find solace in her kooky ways. She's in her late 50s and dons a pair of Clarks shoes, but don't let the conservative exterior fool you. Maybe it's just the nature of her profession, but she's totally out there and lovin' it—a real free-spirited gal. It never fails, at some point during each visit she asks me the following question: "And what are we making sure we do at every red light and commercial break?" At which point, I respond: "My kegel exercises." She smiles with her approval and says "Attagirl!" I guess I don't have the heart to tell her that some days I feel like being a rebel. I may just fast forward through the commercials or hit the gas whenever I see a yellow light. Oops!    

LISTENING TO: On July 5th, I knew I would spend the next three weeks waking up and going to bed to the sweet sounds of Phil Liggett and Paul Sherwen—both English commentators who cover the Tour de France. I was aware this was part of the deal when I married Flyboy, and I've actually grown to enjoy it. While it took me a few years to understand what the Peloton was (I'm a quick one), I still can't decipher most of their cycling gibberish. I just know that their voices are equally charming and relaxing. In fact, I'd like to request they commentate everything in life. Even when they deliver bad news, it still sounds somewhat cheerful. 

READING: Mary of Tulips and Flight Suits is one of the most insightful bloggers I know. I especially treasured a post she wrote last week, in which she shared her struggle to accept a calm life and how it sometimes conflicts with the innate need to feel busy. I think that's something many of us can relate to. In this post, she shares a few practical changes she's made to carve a life she loves living. As October approaches and we welcome a new season of life, I find comfort in Mary's blog. It's honest and refreshing!

WONDERING: My hair has been growing quickly, which means I see ashy outgrowth a lot sooner than I'd like. Eww! I even noticed my baby curls have reappeared at the temples of my forehead and they're a super light color. I sometimes forget that I'm naturally blonde (a mousey shade, not the pretty color), so I forget there's a really good chance Max could turn out to be blonde rather than brunette. I'm not entirely sure why it just NOW hit me, but I find myself wondering about it a lot lately.  

LOVING: I'm always down for a low-maintenance project, so I flipped when I saw Rue Magazine's simple Pom-Pom Placemats. The best part?! No sewing is required and I have a reason to purchase yards of colorful trim. Winning!

Enough about me. How are you feeling today? What are you up to? Thanks for stopping by!!

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