Tuesday, April 28, 2015



Happy Tuesday, sweet readers! I thought I'd pop in and share a few ways we're keeping it swell in The Rio...

  • Just when I started to feel slightly confident about this whole mom gig, I realized Max's needs have changed once again. The majority of last week was spent tweaking our daily routine to better suit us both. So after a few really fussy days, I opted to throw on my favorite skirt and shirt, don a BIG bow belt, and I totally owned the dayOf course it didn't go perfectly and it won't, but there's something about feeling your best. Whenever I'm defeated, I turn to my trusty toolkit to turn things around. We all have something that makes us feel a little more confident or pulled together (an outfit, activity, hobby, etc.). In my case, I didn't have anywhere special to be or anything terribly exciting on the agenda, but I needed to DO SOMETHING to make myself feel my best to give Max my best.
  • As I mentioned in last week's Thursday Thoughts post, I'm kind of ecstatic that Max finally fits into his seersucker shorts! I hope it felt life changing for him as well, because I see a lifetime of classic prints and pattern in this kid's future.
  • Flyboy's name got painted on a jet, and it feels so Swell Rio official. Izzy is his call sign and it stands for Incredibly Zealous Zippy Youngster. The acronym seems awfully PG for a bunch of rowdy pilots, but I think they were fairly insistent on Izzy and there are only so many "Z" words to choose from. I've decided that when people ask me about ol' Izzy Fine, I'll respond by saying "But of course!" Get it?! Izzy Fine? Is he Fine? Yep, I think I officially embarrassed FB in today's post.
  • While feeding Max a medley of fruits and veggies, he caught a glimpse of Big Tex and went straight for my Fiddle Leaf Fig's leaves. It was cute for an entire 30 seconds. Then I realized what sorts of "fun" we have coming our way once he's mobile and I suddenly felt the need for a really stiff drink and proceeded to order Design Mom's new book.
  • I can't say I find ninety-degree temperatures in April overly delightful. But since it's warming up in Swell Rio, I finally decided to pull out my tub of shorts to try on. Note: This wasn't a task I'd been looking forward to. I haven't actually donned a pair of shorts since October 2013. Yikes! Anywho, while digging through some of my summer clothes, I couldn't help but wonder why anyone in their right mind would need six different shades of green shorts?? 
  • Max and Beesly's bond continue to blossom. For a few weeks Queen Bee kept her distance, which I found a little odd because they've been inseparable since we brought him home. It wasn't until Flyboy mentioned Max pulled on her whiskers and it all made sense. Oops! Thankfully, things seem to have returned to normal. Whenever he's playing on the floor, you can bet she'll be right by his side. Watching them interact might be one of my favorite things. Ever.

Alright, enough of my babbling. How are YOU? How's your week?
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