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THINKING ABOUT: Last week I stumbled upon this Mother's Day card, and I was reminded why Mindy Lahiri and I could be the best of friends. Upon seeing it, I immediately wondered if I should buy one for Max and then 16 years from now I could just nonchalantly leave it around the house so that he could give it to me—a mother so great he could only compare me to THE Meryl Streep! Now I know this sounds overly confident, but I think my girl Mindy would understand. Obviously it gives me a goal to work toward.

FEELING: While I may wake up each morning with every intention to be THE Meryl Streep of mothers, I typically fall short by 9 am. For example, on Tuesday Max got his six-month shots. They sent the us off with two superhero band-aids—one for each milky thigh (his, not mine). Everything seemed fine and dandy. In fact, the gentleman at the clinic even commented on how well he handled the pain. I puffed my chest as any proud mom would (because you know, I made him that way...) and we went our merry way. The day seemed fairly normal, but that evening was an absolute train wreck. Max has been a great little sleeper, but he screamed off and on for over two hours. Naturally, I consulted Lady Google for advice because that's what any helpless parent does. I didn't find much, but I did notice a pattern among moms who mentioned hearing their baby cry, which in turn made them cry. I don't know if the colic has made me stone cold, but forget about the crying baby for a moment. If I'm going to sob, it's only because I'm soooooooooo exhausted and I'm running out of tricks. I have a feeling if Max ever reads some of these posts I can kiss that Meryl card good bye.

THANKFUL FOR: A few months ago I mentioned plans to paint our living room white. How daring?! The hunt for the perfect hue required some assistance from my expert mom, so we gathered a bunch of paint chips during our visit and I was eager to make a decision. After five days of hemming and hawing, I opted for Benjamin Moore's Simply White. Flyboy and I spent the bulk of last weekend with roller paintbrushes in hand, but we're really excited with the outcome. It looks so fresh and so clean! I probably should have known this would give me the urge to move into the kitchen. Let's see how long I wait before tackling that to-do...

EATING: You know how I told you about my parents and how they had the fridge and pantry stocked with goodies? Well my mom sent us home with far too many bags of Trader Joe's Gummy Tummies and I can't say I hate it.

LISTENING TO: After spending two weeks with my dad, my mind is all about karaoke. While I have no intentions to pick up a microphone anytime soon or invest in a machine of my own, I can't help but hear a song on the radio or shuffle through a playlist without thinking of him. There's something unforgettable about the first time you hear your dad sing Dark Horse. Katy Perry and Juicy J were so right when they said there's no going back.

WATCHINGMax is so close to crawling, and I can't decide whether to be excited or nervous. Seeing him kick his feet in pursuit of toys (and Beesly) in the distance is a riot. Of course I can't wait to watch him in action, but I know that also means life is about to change in a really big way. With each day he becomes more independent and mobile, which I love, but that also means I need to begin arming myself with new tips and tricks. Holy baby proofing, this is coming faster than I expected!! Where's the pause button?

READING: I read a recent article about J.Crew in the New York Post, which led me to this comic from The Hairpin titled An Open Letter to Jenna Lyons. I can't say I was impressed with either. Is Jenna solely to blame for the company's dismal year in 2014? Clearly it's hard for me to criticize our beloved boss lady. While I understand a capsule line offering $500 pink lace pants might not be for everyone, that doesn't mean I want to return to a style guide that could be confused for Vineyard Vines or LL Bean. Thoughts? 

LOVING: While we were in DC, I engaged in a little retail therapy and it was magnificent! The ol' mom-semble got a few spring updates that make routine trips to Wally World and HEB extra exciting. Who doesn't love that?! I especially adore this stripe tee, which seems to be on constant repeat. Thank goodness I don't know a lot of people; they might think it's the only thing I own.

Enough about me. How are you feeling today? What are you up to? Thanks for stopping by!!

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