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THINKING ABOUT: Sometimes I wonder if Max and Tripp know one another exist? I've found it's entertaining to watch them catch a glimpse of the other. It's as though a tiny lightbulb goes off like "Woah, where did you come from? When did you get here?" Over the course of the last week, Tripp seems to have taken an interest in whenever Max is fed in the high chair. This is huge, people!! While he maintains his distance and watches us from the kitchen, I have a feeling he knows this will some day become prime real estate when Max can feed himself. Mama didn't raise no fool, but she certainly picked the most socially awkward rescue pup in the bunch...

FEELING: There are certain silly milestones you hope to reach when you have a baby of your own. For me it's something as simple as Max's first set of seersucker shorts. Squee! You see, I've waited patiently for the moment he'd fit into his first pair since I learned we were having a boy. From time to time, I'd have Max try them on but they remained far too large. I contemplated buying a smaller size, but exercised some restraint because I knew his first time donning them would be epic. Since the Texas temps recently climbed into the 80s and 90s, I figured it was worth another shot. Much to my delight, they finally fit on Wednesday!! I sat there and beamed. It was equally as magical as the first time he wore gingham. Some things you just don't forget.

THANKFUL FOR: They've been doing some 
maintenance on the aircraft so Flyboy has been getting home each evening earlier than what we're used to. It's been such a treat; I'm afraid I've gotten spoiled! It's rare that we get to eat dinner together or take evening strolls around the base. I know the tempo will pick up again soon so we're enjoying the extra time together while it lasts. 

EATING: I'm trying to behave after all the indulging I did on our trip, so I'm just going to pretend I'm diving into one of these gorgeous Chocolate Editions candy bars. Just look at these beauties! They are quite literally a work of art with packaging created by the ├╝ber talented Mary Matson (Kate Spade fame) and Matt Even. The duo launched Chocolate Editions from their home as a means to celebrate the candy bar as a perfect pop object. The deliciously artful line draws inspiration from an eclectic array of favorites—rugby shirts, works by Sol LeWitt and David Hockney, Neapolitan ice cream, etc. I don't know about you, but I'd say they achieved their goal of modernism with a smile. I may be a little late to the game, but how do I get my hands on one (or all five)? 

LISTENING TO: To prepare for the Adventure Race, one of Flyboy's co-workers stopped by the house last week for an evening bike ride. Max was in his Jumperoo, which means everyone inside the house is subjected to listening to the ONE razzle-dazzle tune it plays while he hops around. FB's friend didn't even make it through the entire song before he made the following observation, "Wow, I bet that song gets old fast." We couldn't help but laugh because we barely even hear the torturous tune anymore. Oh, parenthood...

WATCHING: On Monday night I cozied into bed and had a date with the DVR. The latest episode of Shahs of Sunset had been recorded and I was eager to see GG's 
results from the lie detector test. Clearly I'm talking about pressing issues here. I guess I didn't realize the episode had greater moments in store for me. I'm talking about my favorite train wreck MJ and her deceased Pug, Pablo. Did anyone else freak out a little bit when they realized she was keeping him in the freezer? Yikes! Oh and how about Mercedes' mom, Vida, and her mad ping pong skills?! Shut up. I almost fell out of bed from laughter when she whipped out her special shoes.

READING: Because not every day can end with Persians, Pugs, and ping pong, Flyboy and I have decided we're going to pick a night each week to read before we hit the hay. Maybe then it will become more of a habit? The time I spend reading is typically devoted to children's books and parenting guides, so it might be a nice opportunity to delve into something fun or insightful. Who knows, maybe I'll finally get around to that stack of glossies that's sitting pretty next to my desk?!

LOVING: I so badly want to see the new Iris Apfel film by Albert Maysles. While it opens in theaters April 29th, I have a feeling it won't be showing in Swell Rio anytime soon. Oh well! If you get a chance, PLEASE go and see it for me. I've watched clips from the documentary and the trailer a gazillion times, and I can assure you it will be SO worth it.

Enough about me. How are you feeling today? What are you up to? Thanks for stopping by!!
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