Tuesday, November 10, 2015



Happy Tuesday, m' dears! It's back to the Swell Rio grind after a week filled with visitors. Might as well jump in feet first with a set of sunny flats and a triple grande macchiato in hand, am I right?!? Extra caffeine and snazzy accessories seem to be the only way to come down from a fun-filled family high, especially when that means we get to share Max. Our little guy has changed so much since our trip to Missouri this past July, so you can only imagine how exciting it was to see him interact with my in-laws again. It's safe to say his grandparents left Texas with a pretty accurate idea of what life with this Fine one-year-old is like these days. There was lots of stacking books, snacking, shuffling around the house, picking up, and putting down. Then shampoo, rinse, repeat. You know Max loved every second of it! Visiting grandparents is a tough act to follow, so I'm going to try my best to amp up the fun factor this week in their absence. Wish me luck! I promise to keep an eye out for colorful details amid the routine snacking and stacking.

  • Flyboy really wanted me to snap a few pictures of Max to celebrate the Royals big win. Woop woop! I got out all kinds of props and dressed him up in his KC gear, but this was honestly the best I could get. I've found whenever I try to force a photo-op, it inevitably backfires and results in some sort of meltdown. Aside from oodles of crying outtakes, I managed to get a few of him hitting the books. Because of course. Oh, and beware of the giant bat he opted to swing right at me.
  • I have a feeling the next few weeks are going to fly by, so I needed to sit down and get upcoming dates figured out. It was the perfect opportunity to use some of my Sugar Paper for Target goodies. Yipppppeeee!
  • Flyboy is Missouri bound next week, so I've got a few projects I hope will keep me busy in his absence. Finding a place for this NYC print might be top priority. After Sir Fussbucket's every need is tended to, of course...
  • Alyssa of Glitter and Grey messaged me recently with a Tarjay-related tip, and I owe her BIG time for this lovely lead. If you're in the market for an adorable and budget-friendly Advent Calendar, look no further. This is where it's at!
  • After I gave up on the whole Droopy Poopy Smoothie thing a few weeks ago, Max decided he likes yogurt again. Who knew?! I guess I had to let it be HIS decision—because he's stubborn like that. I wonder where he gets the trait?! Anywho, we've both been enjoying morning probiotic parfaits for breakfast, but he opts to treat his more like a facial than anything else. Pictures are in your imminent future. Just please try to contain yourselves.

Enough of my mundane. How the heck are YOU?! Go on and spill the beans.

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