Wednesday, October 25, 2017



Happy Wednesday, m' dears! I'll save the long-winded rambling for tomorrow's post. Here are a few details worth highlighting...

  • As evident from the photos, Max is still as dinosaur obsessed as ever. I guess that only makes sense since both parents hoped to be paleontologists when we were younger. Shocker!?! When Max isn't donning his dino tail (designed and sewn by Flyboy's dad) to the grocery store or sporting it on his scooter, you'll find us reading about them, recreating fossils of our very own, and role-playing with prehistoric plastic figurines and marshmallows that serve as dino eggs.
  • Last week we stopped by the base clinic for Max's three-year wellness exam. I imagined our appointment would consist of the usual questions (diet, development, etc.); however, the doctor used the bulk of our time slot to try to convince me that NOW is the time to add to our family. Wait, what?! You mean to tell me that you don't even want to know how many hot dogs and cheese sticks my child is devouring on a daily basis? Tell me, why are we here again?? Ha Ha! I should note the gentleman we saw was very kind, but I'll NEVER understand why people insist on sharing their opinion regarding life-altering topics like this. Hell, even my own mother isn't campaigning for another grandchild quite like the doc was. Pump the brakes, pal! Leave the big decisions to us otherwise I want to know where I can send future invoices for nanny services and a therapist. Lord knows I would need them with all we've got on our plate these days. Yowzah!
  • I turned 32 on Sunday. As family and friends so thoughtfully called and messaged throughout the day, I felt a big relief knowing this would be the last time I'd welcome a new year with fun-tivities centered around dinner at Chili's or a trip to Walmart. He He! Can you believe I will have spent a total of SEVEN birthdays in Swell Rio? That's just nuts! It's time to shake things up, don't you think?! Next year I promise to tell you about all the snazzy things we did to celebrate, but for now I'll bask in the glow of this endearing border town one last time. Yep, that's definitely the gin and macarons talking...
  • A few months ago after featuring Laurie's artwork on my blog, she contacted me to say thanks and mentioned sending me a piece to show her appreciation. I felt overwhelmed/shocked and brushed it off as her just being nice (I'm not one of those fancy bloggers, you know?!), but then she messaged me again at the end of September wondering if I had a preference as to what painting she could mail to Texas. Y'all, I was in stitches! Giddy doesn't even begin to describe my emotions or the gratitude that came over me. How could this be? I've pined over her work for so long and dreamt about owning one of her pieces. I never thought it might actually be a reality. Eek! Now I've got this chartreuse stunner seated at the center of the house and you better believe it will be the first thing I hang when we move into our new home.
  • Finally, the offer was accepted on the house we're interested in buying. Even though there are still a lot of boxes to check to ensure this process goes smoothly and we have a set of keys in our hands, we're tickled pink!  

Enough from me. What have you been up to? I'm dying to know.

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