Tuesday, October 24, 2017


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If I've come off as a nervous ninny lately, it's probably because I AM. But I can assure there are a lot of excited wheels turning alongside the anxious ones. For instance, the thought of personalizing a space that doesn't have popcorn ceilings or linoleum floors is mind-boggling at this point. You mean to tell me that a kitchen clad with subway tile and an interior bedecked in brass details actually exists OUTSIDE the pages of Domino magazine?! Shut the front (colorful) door!! In all honesty, I hesitate to get jazzed about the subject of home buying at this point, but the notion of spending the next four months fidgeting and freaking out seems like a real drag. You feel me on this one, right? I'm going to allow myself to feel apprehensive and overwhelmed from time to time (Type-A control freak—let's be real here!), but you better believe there's a handful of bright ideas buzzing around in m' brain as well.

I hope you enjoyed today's dose!
P.S. I promise to make time today to respond to all of your thoughtful comments from the past week!

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