Friday, October 6, 2017


Let's get right to it, shall we?
Here's what made me feel all twitterpated, smile contagiously, giggle uncontrollably, etc.

  • Datura Free Form Chandelier // When house hunting gets overwhelming, I stare at pretty lighting. Totes normal.
  • Jeni's in Washington DC // I gotta visit the new location. Is it bad that I'm mostly jazzed about the Clare V. wallpaper?
  • Words by Melody Hansen // I spent a good chunk of Wednesday night going through Hansen's work. You will adore!
  • DrapĂ© by Najia Mehadji // The moody blues never looked so good. Check out this collection inspired by drapery.
  • Soggy Waffles T-Shirt // Max knows his way around a waffle and he'd probably argue they're better soggy. Woof!
  • Bat Embroidery Cap // After last week's trip to ATX, Max is more obsessed than ever with bats. I love his excitement!
  • Let's Get Trashed Birthday Card // Our resident toddler turns THREE on Sunday. How in the world is this even possible??
  • Penco Mechanical Pencil // The experience of a traditional pencil with the components of a mechanical. Is it hot in here?
  • Practice Kindness // Weeks like this feel overwhelming and terrifying. Here's to raising kids that are both brave and kind.
  • Dark Peony Signet Bag // I have this gem in red, so you can only imagine how pumped I was to see the shade PEONY!!
  • Flask Bangle // I saw a knock-off in Austin and I keep kicking myself for not buying it. It was $40. What the?!
  • Run West Eye-Con Mug // No one beats wit and quirk quite like Jonathan Adler. How adorable is this mug??
  • Wool Toggle Coat // I finally took the plunge and decided THIS is THE coat. Also, it was 40% off. Message received.
  • World's Greatest Custom Patch // This might be my go-to gift for the holiday season. It can be personalized!
  • Woman on a Mission Tote // Next week is all about house hunting in Delaware. Plaster my face on this, will you?
  • Greco Women Slippers // I'll admit the collection at Stubbs and Wootton is just fun to look at. But $600?? I'll pass.
  • Paint Dot Fabric // This is what you get when you mix my favorite pattern with the delicious Yves Klein blue. 
  • Birdhouse Bookshelf // Maybe hanging this in Max's room will keep him from droning on about the birdhouse outside??
  • Oh Joy! Round Bar Cart // One week later and I'm still obsessing over this. Is it a sign or am I just thirsty for gin?
  • Donald: The Book // I've been waiting to get my hands on a copy for months. It's even better than I imagined.
  • Nairobi Trivet // Forget hot plates! Can you imagine hanging a set of these on a wall? The colors are insane!!

Happy Friday, m' dears! Make this weekend count. 
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