Friday, October 20, 2017


Let's get right to it, shall we?
Here's what made me feel all twitterpated, smile contagiously, giggle uncontrollably, etc.

  • Moroccan Wool Pom-Pom Blanket // If swaddling adults was a thing, you could go ahead and wrap me in this. Thanks!
  • Birthday Card // With all the October birthdays, Max can't decide who he's singing the Happy Birthday song to next.
  • Black Polka-Dot Bowl // I'm going to rationalize including this piece by reminding you it's a work of art. You feel me?
  • Erin Jang's Portfolio // My dream of all dreams would be to have a portfolio that's even 1/4th as darling as Jang's.
  • Gin & Tonic Candle // Who's the genius at Wax Cabin Candle Co. that read my mind and concocted this perfection??
  • Seat to Stardom // If poring over snazzy artwork is your jam, then hop on over to Uprise Art. You'll be amazed!!
  • Midnight Dot Bandana // Imagine this cute adornment tied around the handle of your favorite bag. Boom!
  • Heart Hook // The dream of settling down in a cute house has me eager to organize and tend to ALL the details.
  • Tippi Sweater in Cat Print // If Sugar Paper and J.Crew had a sweater baby, I'm 100% positive it would look like THIS!
  • Everyday Cashmere Cardigan // You've got to admit, the price point on this puppy isn't that bad for cashmere. Thoughts?
  • Awaken Satin d'Orsay Flats // I follow SJP on Instagram (because of course) and a few weeks ago she was hanging out nonchalant at Bloomies with her besties trying on shoes from her latest collection. My eyes went straight for the hot pink BOW flats. Natch! Hey Sarah, I'm positive you'd adore me. Can I be part of the squad? Andy Cohen's m' boy!!
  • Alistair - Petit // Holy buckets you guys! This bag is SO good. Thanks for the birthday surprise, mom and dad!!
  • Porcelain and Gold // What's a girl got to do to get this installed in her future home? It's a textured dreamboat.
  • Tangerine Sugar Scrub Cubes // They should just call this jar spa candy because that's exactly what it is! Swoon.
  • Cobalt Earrings // Just when I thought the gals at Gaia and their goods couldn't get any cuter, they come up with these!
  • Fan Pleat Sofa // If I was rich I'd use my Anthro birthday perks on this, but I'll swing for a scented candle instead. Hehe!

Happy Friday, m' dears! Make this weekend count. 

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