Thursday, July 21, 2011

Adorning Aubrey's Apartment

My sister and her main squeeze are moving in together. How will they combine traditional and modern elements to reflect their personalities and interests? He's got strong man love for 80s neon colors, snowboarding and wake boarding. She's hesitant about concentrating their digs with her design ideals, but wants to give the place a focus and to look put together. Their predicament allowed me the chance to act as Sarah Richardson for a day, but where's my Tommy?

Pardon me, while I have a moment...

Anywho, back to business...
I went ahead and put together a few inspiration boards for my sister to consider using as they prepare to move in together. I focused primarily on two main spaces, the living room and dining area. Both rooms are often the focal point of a house or apartment. I want people to come into their pad and see evidence of both personalities oozing from each knick-knack and design detail. 

I believe a living space defines who you are. For me, it's important that someone come into my home and learn a lot about us quickly. It took some time, but walk through our front door and you'll learn a great deal about the Fine household. I'm proud of what my home says about us as a duo. It doesn't necessarily happen overnight, but with the right bones, some thought and time, it can be done. And like a working piece of art, it's never quite finished -- that's the exciting part! 

My goals is to help my sister and her boyfriend achieve a nested and cohesive look that suits them. They are both very clever and smart. They relish the moment; they're adventurous. They enjoy a day of snowboarding, or an afternoon at an art museum. It's common to find them watching a new documentary or a quirky film with subtitles, Amstel Light or a glass of Malbec in hand -- so classy! What I love most about them as a couple is their ability to not take themselves too seriously. I think this message should be relayed throughout their apartment. It's evident that both are filled with genuine happiness. I hope these traits are conveyed in my ideas below.

Chevron PillowRide Felt Applique Pillow; Urban Outfitters Lamp; Illustration by Jenny Bowers; Decorative Ikat & Floral PillowsRocky Mountain Print

Industrial Pipe Bookshelf; Ikea Frame; Hammered Silver Vase; You Are Beautiful; DMB Silkscreen Poster; Vintage Yellow Fan; Keith Haring

Tiles; Linen Dress Form; Z Gallerie; Vintage Colorado Truck License Plate

Amelie; The Dude Paper Doll; How's Your Aspen?; Ikea Frame

Reclaimed Letter N; Urban Outfitters; Anthropologie; Large Wooden Letter HVintage Letter AAmpersand

Chuck Close; Everyday I'm HustlinBurton Lipstick Flying V; My sister & her beau

Chevron Drum ShadePlate Wall; Wayne Thiebaud; Cardboard Chandelier; Honey Badger; Ikea Chair & Table; Anthropologie Cookie Jar; The Very Many Varieties of Beer Print; Layer Cake Malbec; Anthroplogie Latte Bowls

Well, there you have it. Don't they seem like cool and fun people? 

Throwing together these inspiration boards made me miss them more. Aubrey is incredibly talented and creative, so their apartment will be absolutely wonderful. This was just my attempt at helping them brainstorm. Moving in to a new place can be so exciting! It's a clean canvas for her to work her magic. I can't wait to see what kinds of amazing goodness she has up her sleeve. I wish I was around to help her move and zhuzh. She has a stellar style. What can I say? We got it from our mama...

Happy Thursday!

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  1. Your description of Aubrey is perfect! She is by far one of the most creative individuals I've ever met. Wish you BOTH were a little closer to each other (and to me!)

  2. hehe, your pic reminds me of I.C.P.J. "Yeah, I'm livin like dat."

  3. We just bought Kayla that same Ikea black frame for her new place. We were pondering just putting it on the wall nothing in or maybe making it a mirror. Fun stuff - will you do my England house next??