Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Let's catch up!

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At our last base in Texas, I promised I was done buying plants until I lived closer to my mom and she could help mend my pathetic green thumb. I decided this was the smartest choice because we spent way too much on mulch and plants, which inevitably ended up in our trash can -- wilted and ready to greet the waste management crew weekly. Just as flyboy buys me the occasional bouquet of Tulips or Gerber Daisies at the supermarket, I paid it forward with my dead Vinca and Spirea. I know what you're thinking, Spirea is a hardy plant that you can't kill -- it's the very reason my mom encouraged me to plant it. Yup, I managed to destroy that one, too!

Grow up!
Let's be honest, I really just want a reason to buy delightful gardening gear.

The rental we currently live in has been landscaped by its owner. Despite the occasional Buddha statue and quirky lawn ornament, this seemed like a dream. When we moved in, I asked him for detailed instructions as to when and how each potted plant should be watered. I felt some pressure; I didn't want to be responsible for killing his plants. Now I don't want to sound too cocky, but even after a few months of residing here the plants are flourishing. I'm rather pleased and my confidence is up. Maybe I'm not so bad at this after all? Not to mention, watering and picking weeds can be a bit boring. I'm ready to get my gloves dirty and plant something of my own. 

Uh-oh, it started again! I have the urge to buy another Rosemary plant and flyboy is shaking in his "slippahs". He's smart enough to know not to discourage me, but I can see the worry in his eyes. But why does he get to leave the garden center with a few bags of mulch and a brand spankin' new weed eater? Can't I just leave with at least one plant? After he gives me a hesitant nod of approval, I load the cart with a few herbs and colorful plants. I mean, why own cute props like a potting bench and Wellies if you don't actually have a reason to use them?

My father-in-law asked me if I actually wear these. Well, of course I do!
After he questioned me, I make sure to leave a little mud on the toe so I'm never challenged like this again.

My Basil & Rosemary plants. I give it a week. For now, they look cute in our yard!
P.S. I'm rather pleased with the mossy look I gave the pots with buttermilk -- a tip courtesy of Martha.

This just looked like a 3-D polka dot. The pop of color looks brilliant on my turquoise potting bench.
Again, just how long before it croaks?

I'm already devising an excuse for the demise of these blooms. Perhaps it's the dogs?
Fido can be so destructive sometimes...
Wish me luck! If you don't see a post regarding the abundant amount of Rosemary and Basil I'm growing, you can assume they're in herb heaven. If you have any tips as to how I can successfully maintain any/all of these plants, send me some input. I really want to have a reason to buy some upcycled garden markers.

Anywho, let's move on to other fun topics before I start dropping intense garden lingo like zone, creeper and rhizome. If that's your sorta thing, check out this article on 100 Garden Terms Every Hobbyist Should Know. Have at it, smarty pants!

Trials and tribulations outdoors can be downright frustrating for some of us newbies. One day, I know that gardening will be a therapeutic outlet. For now, here's a little retail and recipe therapy instead...

Product Lovin'
Move over MAC Splashproof Lash Mascara...
Benefit's They're Real Mascara is amazing.
I knew it had to be good when I visited the local Sephora and they were sold out several times.
I finally got my hands on a tube this past weekend, and I'm so glad I tried it.

Because I'm trying to be responsible in the sun, I have to find a way to make my face blend in with the rest of my body.
NARS Illuminator in Laguna mixed into my foundation seems to do the trick!
I can fake the bronze and still sport my fun sun hat!

I love my Playa Blue Seersucker Soludos!
That's right, you read it correctly. That's NO typo. It says playa -- that's how I roll (or sole?).
They're comfy, classic, and they come in a gazillion different colors and patterns.
They're the ultimate easy-to-wear summer shoe.

Good Bites
I picked up a copy of Everday Food Special Summer Issue at Target last week. I've pulled several recipes from the magazine, and I'd highly recommend you do the same! There's a great compilation of light summer meals.

Salmon with Sweet Corn, Tomato & Avocado Relish

Pesto-Yogurt Sauce
We tossed this on roasted chicken and red potatoes. Simply delish!

Creamy Avocado & White Bean Wraps

Farmer's Market Pasta

Go on and burst into bloom.
Happy Tuesday, Family & Friends!

P.S. If I haven't told you lately, I miss each and every one of you for some lovely reason.

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  1. Those plants will do great in humid Hawaii; just give them some Miracle Go every few weeks and call it good :P

  2. I'm glad I'm not the only one with the ability to kill the easiest of plants/herbs/silk flowers. I wish I were actually related to you so I'd have a reason to visit over holidays and drink clear booze (you gin, me vodka) whilst discussing Bravo and the frequent absence of our loved ones. xoxo

  3. Thanks, Amy! You're a great cheerleader. I'll keep you posted:) Maybe these plants will be successful??

    Natalie, let's just say we're related and get over it already. Our love for clear booze makes us as thick as thieves. And damask is always IN:)

  4. I have exclusively grown succulents for awhile now...the green thumb must have skipped our generation;) I will be hitting you up for the buttermilk process however! I have been wanting to start some herbs jn my kitchen..thanks for the motivation